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How to Trail Run: Race Preparation

D Day is getting closer and closer. In the last few months, you have trained intensely and are ready for your race. But what should you pay attention to in the days and weeks ahead? In this video, sport scientist Lukas will share important tips and recommendations for your race preparation so you can tap into your best performance when the gun goes off. 


In the last days before your big race, you should reduce your training intensity and load, so your body is ready to go and at its top fitness.


If you are still looking for a precise tapering plan, our ultra athlete Hannes Namberger has a few tips for you.

Nutrition before and during the race

Before the race: Directly before the race, it is essential that you get more carbohydrates in order to fill your energy stores. This is not the time to experiment with protein or fats.

In addition, you should test and determine which gels and bars you will use in the race in the 10-12 weeks prior. This is how to find out which products you can best digest and can also along the way train your nutrition intake.


During the race: This is all about gaining lots of energy from fats while also ingesting carbohydrates. In this scenario this is a rule of thumb to keep in mind.

Take in 1 gram per kilogram of body weight per hour.

Using this guideline, you can also plan at which aid stations you will need support.

Course planning

If possible, check out the course 3-5 weeks prior to the race and get a look at key sections. That helps with strategy planning and you will know what is ahead.


As soon as the starting gun goes off, be sure not to go out too fast. Avoid getting pulled along by the other athletes. Focus and hold on tight to your own strategy. Stay in your heartrate zone and think about how you will handle mental lows. Here, it helps to know exactly where your supporters are standing along the course.