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  • 30 days for free returns
  • 55 % of all DYNAFIT products are manufactured in the Alps


Discover the newest DYNAFIT collection from the brand made by athletes for athletes.


Discover the newest DYNAFIT collection from the brand made by athletes for athletes.



Racing is in our DNA – DYNAFIT is born from competition-ski mountaineering to gain victories.


Fast ski touring in high-alpine terrain. Products are inspired by ski touring racing.


Classic Ski Touring for one or multi-day adventures. Our gear meets all safety standards!


Freeride inspired ski touring. Producs made to earn your turns on deep powder days.

Trail Running

Running in the mountains. Products made for steep and short verticals up to ultra-marathons.


Mountaineering in alpine terrain. Products offer 100% performance and reliability in any weather.

Riis Wilbrecht

DYNAFIT Athlete and Freeskier

"The Free collection felt like a complete upgrade. The skis handle smoothly and have an unbelievable amount of control! You can feel the responsiveness in a turn. They just push you in the direction you want to aim them. Pairing them with the jacket, pants, and backpack makes for the perfect backcountry system."


The DYNAFIT FREE Collection was developed for descent-oriented ski tourers who seek downhill performance in the backcountry without sacrificing efficiency on the climb. Your passion to earn your turns on the mountain is our passion, too.


Your race outfit



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P49 - Speedtransalp

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Perfect all-rounder for uncompromising ski touring.


Descent-oriented Free touring boot for pin and frame bindings.


Versatile pants for descent-oriented women ski touring enthusiasts.


Versatile ski touring jacket made of a fabric blend.


Lifetime Guarantee

We are convinced of the quality of our bindings! Register your binding and get the lifetime product warranty.

30 Days free returns

In the DYNAFIT brand store you take no risk. You can easily return your order within one month.

55% produced in the Alps

We are at home in the Alps. We can proudly say that the majority of our products are produced here.