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Warranty & Repairs

Dynafit products are covered by a two-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects. This warranty protects legal rights, does not affect any other consumer right recognized by the law and may vary from one country to the next.


General terms and prerequisites of the warranty

If the item is defective, you have 2 years from the date of purchase to submit a warranty application. In order for the warranty to apply, the return must be accompanied by the original receipt of sale or by a valid proof of purchase. In most cases the return under warranty is processed within 30 calendar days.


If you're unsure of whether or not your item is covered by warranty, please visit our Contact Us page, select WARRANTY CLAIM/LIFETIME GUARANTEE from the dropdown menu and fill out the corresponding fields. Our Customer Service team will be in touch if they have any additional questions for you. 




If your Dynafit product is defective or damaged due to a production or manufacturing defect, Dynafit may decide to repair the product with production defects free of charge, replace the item if still available or issue a refund if the product is no longer available. Products that are damaged and not covered by the warranty may be repaired, if repairable, at a previously agreed price with shipping costs charged. 



Normal wear and tear

All of our items are produced in compliance with our high standards. However, even a Dynafit product that has been stored with utmost care will start to show signs of aging and wear and tear after a certain amount of time. The Dynafit warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. We know that it is inevitable that accidents occur. In some cases, damages caused by normal wear and tear can be repaired. The Dynafit Warranty Department can repair the products to the best of it ability at a reasonable cost plus a nominal shipping cost.


Damage caused by improper use, negligence, not following the washing instructions, normal wear and tear and laceration of materials, and also natural wear and tear due to heavy use, are not covered by the Dynafit warranty. 



In compliance with the terms and conditions of our warranty, damage or defects such as rips, burns and holes caused by the user are not covered by the Dynafit warranty. 



Where was the product purchased from,
- the Dynafit online shop (
- An authorized Dynafit dealer 


Purchase from the Dynafit online shop (

If you believe that your product is defective, please start by going to our Contact Us page and submitting your warranty information. 
Select “Warranty Claims” under “Categories” on the Contact Form.
The return under warranty application does not necessarily imply that the product is to be repaired, replaced or refunded, but it defines the opening of a request for checking by Dynafit. 
If after checking the Returns and Warranty Department does not find the item defective, any repair costs will be agreed in advance and it will be repaired only after you have confirmed.
If the item is found defective, Dynafit will repair it, replace it or, if the product is no longer available, credit you the value of the product. Make sure that the REW form has been included with your product and your product/s are clean before making the return.


Warranty Returns Address

3600 Pearl Street, Suite #2
Boulder, CO 80301


Purchase from an authorized dealer

The product can be returned to the store or Dynafit dealer where you made the purchase together with a valid receipt or any other proof of purchase. 
The store staff will provide you with explanations on the applicable procedure and on the time frame.
If the purchase is made from a Dynafit dealer, you will also have the possibility to make the warranty return directly on our website ( by following these steps: 
- go to the Contact Us
- select the “Warranty Claim” category from the “Category” dropdown;
- fill in the form 
- Our Dynafit Customer Service team will contact you to get more information or, if the information is complete, they will send it to the Returns and Warranty department. Our Customer Service team will then contact you to inform you of the status of your warranty claim analysis and ask for additional information necessary to move forward.



Customers will be responsible for the shipping cost of getting the product to our warranty department for inspection. If the product is or is not covered by warranty, Dynafit will cover the shipping cost of getting the product back to the customer.

If the product is not recognized as defective, but the customer wishes to proceed with the repair, the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost.