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More peaks. More vert. More adrenaline. Come along with us to the starting line, conquer unknown peaks and endless trails – with our new collection.


More peaks. More vert. More adrenaline. Come along with us to the starting line, conquer unknown peaks and endless trails – with our new collection.


Trail Running

Running in the mountains. Products made for steep and short verticals up to ultra-marathons.


Mountaineering in alpine terrain. Products offer 100% performance and reliability in any weather.


Racing is in our DNA – DYNAFIT is born from competition-ski mountaineering to gain victories.


Fast ski touring in high-alpine terrain. Products are inspired by ski touring racing.


Classic Ski Touring for one or multi-day adventures. Our gear meets all safety standards!


Freeride inspired ski touring. Producs made to earn your turns on deep powder days.

Hannes Namberger

DYNAFIT Athlete and Trail Runner

"“If you want to survive the toughest ultras in the world, you must be in top shape – both physically and mentally. You also of course need the right gear, starting with shoes but also pants and rain jackets. For long distances, protection and comfort are essential, but those alone won’t get you onto the podium. Your entire setup must not only be light, but also fast and aggressive. That is precisely what the DNA Collection delivers. 100% competition-focused.” "

DNA Collection

Born to race: The DNA Collection has speed coursing through its veins. Ultralight, technical and packed with innovative features, this race line makes the critical difference.

DNA Collection


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DNA System

We are born to race. Here you get the complete package – from product to tips and tricks for your races. Toe the starting line with us! Read article
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Behind the Scenes: Ultra DNA Shoe

The Ultra DNA was developed in partnership with DYNAFIT athlete and ultrarunner Hannes Namberger. At the UTMB® 2023 Hannes took an outstanding 8th place and in doing so was more than hour faster than two years prior. On his feet: The new Ultra DNA. Read article
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How to Trail Run: Performance diagnostics

Find out how to plan your training and achieve your goals using targeted performance diagnostics. Expert tips included. Read article
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How to Trail Run: Training planning

Is your goal this season to finally complete your first ultra successfully? But you don’t really know when or how to best start training. We have summarized for your the most important steps for your training plan. Read article
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How to Trail Run: Race Preparation

Be ready when the starting gun goes off for your next trail running race. Find out here all the key tips for your race preparation. Read article
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Trail running competitions: Highlights from the running calendar, powered by DYNAFIT

Do you want to give it your all this summer? Then what are you waiting for? Get to the starting line of a trail running race. We can introduce you to the best races – from the Alps to Canada. Read article
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What is trail running?

Trail running is a popular sport in the summer. But, what does it really mean? What is the difference between that and a mountain run, and at one point does it become an ultra? We have the answers for you! Read article
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How to Trail Run: Equipment & Technique Tips

Get started trail running! No matter whether you are an expert or a novice, find out everything you need about the correct technique on uphills and downhills, choosing the proper footwear, and how to use poles most efficiently. Read article
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Guide to pick the right running shoe: From trail running to mountaineering

Perfectly fitting shoes are the holy grail for every endurance athlete. But you're not sure which running shoe is best suited for which distance or terrain? We have some tips for you on how to choose the right shoes. Read article
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D-Day is getting closer, intense training weeks are behind you, but now the magic word is: Tapering. In order to achieve maximum performance on competition day, your body needs to recover. Read here how to do it right. Read article
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Trail running poles: This is how to run with poles

Trail running is just a little easier with poles. We’ll tell you why trail running poles are especially wise on a climb and how to find the right length for you. Read article
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Trail RUnning Backpacks

Running packs are particularly essential on longer trail runs and for races. We’ll take a look at the special features and explain the differences in technical backpacks. Read article


Maximum performance on piste and in the backcountry.


Versatile ski touring set – ready to go out of the box.

$799.95 $447.97

Strong downhill performance with safety and comfort.


Perfect all-rounder for uncompromising ski touring.

$799.95 $639.96

Versatile ski touring set for kids and youth.


Trail Running competitions

The 2024 running calendar offers many highlights for you that are backed by DYNAFIT as a partner.


Trail Running Competitions

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55% produced in the Alps

We are at home in the Alps. We can proudly say that the majority of our products are produced here.