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DYNAFIT Artist Series

Art meets the mountains: For our limited-edition Artist Shirts made of 100% organic cotton, we are working together each season with different artists. They express their personal relationship to the mountains and to mountain sports in their designs. Discover the expressive collection of the different artists now. 

Francesco Pavignano

For our series, Italian Franceso Pavignano let his imagination run free. The three designs of Running, Hiking and Riding embody the limitless diversity of possibilities that the mountains offer us in the summer. Born at the foot of the mountains, Francesco was shaped by them and they influenced his art. The Artist Series Collection reflects his view of the mountains. 

“I really appreciated the fact that a company specialized in technical equipment decided that my illustration could add value to one of their products." 

Fancesco Pavignano 

Lauriane Miara

Die drei Motive zeigen einen Skitourengeher im Aufstieg, am Gipfel und bei der Abfahrt und beinhalten eine wichtige Message: Mit ihren Designs möchte Lauriane zu einem verantwortungsvollen und respektvollen Umgang mit der Natur aufrufen. Diese Botschaft spiegelt sich auch in der Wahl des Materials für das stylische Funktionsshirt wider: Das schnelltrocknende und atmungsaktive Drirelease® ist ein Mischgewebe aus recyceltem Polyester und Bio-Baumwolle. Produziert wird das Shirt in Europa.

Discover the designs of Lauriane Miara now

"Mountains are where I live and where I feel good, no matter the altitude. I don’t see them as a playground, but as an environment where people, animals and plants evolve freely.” 

Lauriane Miara 


“Leave only ski traces” – that’s the slogan of our new DYNAFIT Artist Series, one that we worked together with French illustrator Lauriane Miara on. With these artfully designed shirts, you can show off your athletic lifestyle all day, everyday, and at the same time accentuate a sustainable  focus. 
The three designs show a ski tourer on the climb, on the summit, and on a descent, all of which also offer an important message. With her designs, Lauriane hopes to display the message of being responsible and respectful with the outdoors and nature. This message is also reflected in the choice of materials that this shirt was made with. These shirts are made with a quick-drying, breathable Drirelease® fabric blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton. The shirtis also made in Europe. 

John Fellows

"Play with and break stereotypes" - that’s what the latest DYNAFIT Artist Series is all about. Instead of the typical photos of snow-covered peaks, U.S. artist John Fellows focused on the characters you meet in the mountains. 
There is the old-timer who never stops talking about “the good ol’ days.” Then there is someone posing as a Free rider – because who knows without photographic proof that the sick powder descent really happened? And then there are those skimo fans who head out in any weather to early-bird or after-work workouts. 
Every illustration was cut and printed by hand for a linoleum block press and then transferred to the three T-shirt designs.  

"Everyone who loves ski touring and the mountains is in his own way a blend of these characters.” 

John Fellows