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TLT8 Expedition CL Tourenschuh Herren

TLT8 Expedition CL Boot Men

Enhance your UPSPEED with the TLT8 SPEED touring boot and save energy for the next descent.

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Speed Speed
Product Description
The TLT8 Expedition CL boot, at 1,020 grams, is a true lightweight among two-buckle ski touring boots. It is the perfect choice for the ambitious ski touring enthusiast for whom speed is the first priority. To incorporate more speed, plus comfort and safety on a ski tour ascent, the DYNAFIT design team has developed the new Ultra Lock 4.0 closure system. Its handling is simple and intuitive, and thus saves time when transitioning from uphill to downhill mode. The upper buckle has two functions: It operates as a lever for the ski-walk mechanism and also opens the cuff. Both buckles are micro-adjustable. They enable perfect fit for every ski touring enthusiast. The system is also easy to operate with gloves, and wins points for its reliability and solid workmanship that still means no unnecessary weight – you get speed without compromise. Thanks to a cuff rotation of 60 degrees, this boot enables a natural, energy-saving walking gait even on very steep terrain. A shortened toe, the "Speed Nose," reduces weight of 15 percent. Plus, it enables a 12-percent more efficient roll-through of the foot with a pivot point setback by 4 mm. On the descent, the ski touring boot can be locked into a forward lean of 15 or 18 degrees. For optimum power transfer, the fit of the TLT8 Expedition has been redesigned so the boot offers a narrow, athletic fit with a last width of 103 mm. The TLT8 Expedition is especially well-suited for traverses or climbs on steep or icy terrain and is ideal for use with the ultralight Cramp-In crampons, developed in partnership with SALEWA. The liner is generally thinner with less volume and therefore more oriented toward uphill perfomance where lightweight and good walkability are the key focus.
Cramp-in system
Streamlined Shape
Microregulation for precise adjustment
Ultra Lock 4.0
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