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DYNAFIT and the snow leopard

The snow leopard has been DYNAFIT’s brand symbol since 2005 and graces our logo in a stylized form. This extraordinary animal precisely symbolizes the values and characteristics that DYNAFIT stands for as a brand by athletes for athletes and is one that represents how we want to be out on the mountain.

The high mountains of Asia are the natural habitat of the snow leopard – a region many alpinists dream of and the embodiment of mountains in their most true and most extreme form. This wildcat is well-adapted to life in this barren region as no other animal is. Snow leopards are extraordinarily fast and have phenomenal endurance. They move light-footed, nearly silently, with elegance and total efficiency. Their large paws ensure that they neither sink in snow many meters deep, nor slip on steep mountain flanks or exposed peaks. These skills ensure snow leopards live and survive in the highest regions on this planet, making him a role model for every mountain endurance athlete. That’s why there really could be no more suitable symbolic animal for DYNAFIT.

Responsibility and sustainability: Partnership with the Snow Leopard Trust

For professional, long-term protection of snow leopards, we have supported the Snow Leopard Trust based in Seattle, Wash., since 2007. This non-profit organization was founded in 1981 and is considered the most respected and most experienced institution of its kind dedicated completely to the endangered wildcat. With donations, events and international media and public relations work, we do our part in protecting the snow leopard. Our most successful project is the “International Snow Leopard Day:” On one day every winter since 2010, a ski touring event is held in numerous countries where participants work together to accumulate vert for the protection of snow leopards. Each vertical meter skied is transformed by DYNAFIT into a donation. In combination with additional promotions and projects, we have donated approximately euro 150,000 to the Snow Leopard Trust over the years. This is a partnership that we will in the future continue to advance.

The snow leopard is however in danger of extinction. Its natural habitat is getting smaller and smaller due to climate change and human settlement. It is hunted by poachers, and there are always conflicts with cattle ranchers. DYNAFIT has made it its goal to aid the snow leopard and to contribute to its protection. This commitment to the reclusive wildcat is a central component of our sustainability pledge, which we have promoted for years for people and the outdoors.