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Spacer ST - ST Radical and ST Radical test

Spacer ST for St Radical and St Radical Test

Spare part: Spacer ST for St Radical and St Radical Test. Mounting must be done by an... more

£ 5.40 | Uni
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Spacer for the ST Radical and ST Radical Test ski touring bindings. This spare part is necessary for the toe piece to function correctly in combination with the brake on the heel unit. Since adjustments are not only dependent on the type of binding and boot, but also significantly on the type of skier, these are only to be carried out by an authorized professional who can test adjustments with the aid of an appropriate measurement device. Mounting and adjustments done by unauthorized personnel are at the risk of the user and may lead to termination of the warranty. Changes in adjustments that were recommended by authorized personnel may result in a risk of injury. Please avoid any unauthorized changes in order to maintain the safety features of your ski binding. Any necessary changes are only to be performed by authorized specialty dealers. An improper adjustment, change or repair can increase the risk of injury.


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Spacer ST for St Radical and St Radical Test £ 5.40
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