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Into the saddle and off we go: DYNAFIT Ride Collection

Do you like to combine various types of mountain sports into one big adventure? Do you prefer to start your day on the mountain by getting on your bike from your front door? In the spring, do you shorten the approach to your ski tour so you can take your bike along forest roads for a little extra fun in the saddle? If you answered yes, it’s for athletes such as you that we developed our DYNAFIT Ride Collection.  This collection is functional and lightweight, so you can be fast and efficient on the mountain, but still has the durability and sturdiness for hard use on the bike.

Modern mountain sports are multisport

Combining various mountain sports has been established as a new kind of alpinism, as the line between the categories is becoming more and more blurred. As mountain athletes, you are not just a mountain biker, alpinist, trail runner or ski touring enthusiasts, but you do a little bit of all of it. Depending on your time, training intent or mountain conditions, you combine the various disciplines into one big outing. Why tie yourself down when you can do it all?!

A typical scenario for modern multisport athletes: Spending as much time out in nature as possible. The car stays parked at home and training starts right out your front door on your mountain bike. You are headed out over meadows, across fields and through the woods at a fast pace uphill before you hit the last meters to the summit, which is full of technical, rocky terrain. This common scenario is exactly why we developed the DYNAFIT Ride Collection.

One (bike) outfit – many possibilities

The DYNAFIT MTB apparel line is highly technical, performance oriented, and has been thought out down to the seam details to ensure athletes on a bike and on foot are supported in the best possible manner. Light, minimal pack size, versatile in use and at the same time, quite comfortable, these technical apparel pieces are impressive for various kinds of physical activity. Forget about having to change between activities, with the products in our Ride Collection you are dressed just right for all athletic intents on the mountain. Visually, the design-oriented line has a perfectly coordinated look with its colorful accents. The cuts are inspired by downhill-oriented Enduro Racing and lend a super casual appearance on the mountain. In case your adventure lasts a little longer than expected, you stay visible at twilight with the collection’s reflective touches.

From intelligent weather protection, breathable jerseys and padded shorts, the DYNAFIT Ride Collection keeps you perfectly equipped for a mountain summer on two wheels.

Discover our mountain bike apparel for mountain endurance athletes now and open up new possibilities!