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Pin Binding: Care and cleaning tips

Skis are taken in regularly for service. Your edges get sharpened and you get them waxed on occasion. But, what about your ski touring bindings? How do you best clean a Pin Binding? How should you store your bindings over the summer? Do you need to take them in for service regularly and have them adjusted? We asked DYNAFIT’s product manager for bindings, Greta Stehling for all the answers.

Lifetime warranty on DYNAFIT bindings

How long does a DYNAFIT Pin Binding normally last?
Fundamentally, our bindings were developed to have a lifespan of 10 years. This is also the length of the lifetime warranty we have offered since 2019, which covers all defects in materials and workmanship. DYNAFIT bindings offer are high quality and every model is made by hand in Germany. The actual lifespan greatly depends on the use and care of the binding. Time and time again, we see old models that are worthy of being in a museum, but still look and function as if they were just years old. The owners of these bindings take great care in their bindings, which has allowed them to last as long as they have.


How do I know when it’s time for new bindings?
If bindings are showing strong signs of normal wear and tear, then that can be an indicator it’s time to get a new pair of bindings. In this case, we would suggest that you head to an authorized professional and have the bindings checked out. Even if you don’t think you have strong signs of normal wear and tear, we suggest that you get your bindings checked out at least once a year. 

Cleaning and care

Transport and storage

How do you best transport touring skis and touring bindings?
Greta: When your skis are transported inside your car, there is nothing special or different to do, just be careful not to scratch anything. If you carry your skis on the roof of your vehicle, you have to be careful. When your bindings are on the top of your car, they can be exposed to elements such as salt and dirt, which can compromise performance. If possible, we recommend transporting your gear in a roof box, rather than on an exposed rack.


How do I best store my Pin Bindings?
Greta: Touring skis and bindings are best stored in a dry, frost-free area. It is best to avoid any possible encounters with heat, such as when stored in an attic or a loft inside the roof. Ski touring bindings should not be stored near corrosive items such as fireplace chimneys or automobile batteries that release acids. Finally, we recommend that no ski touring equipment be stored in a garage due to acidic exhaust fumes.


Should bindings be stored during their summer hibernation in climbing or downhill mode?
Greta: Pin Bindings should be stored with the least tension possible. This means that that toe pieces should be closed, (but not locked) because that releases tension in the springs. Heel units should be placed in ski mode so that the springs and the brakes are not under tension. This will also allow the skis to be stored nested together.

Service and repairs by authorized professionals

Do you need to have your ski touring bindings re-adjusted each year?
Greta: No, you don’t need to have bindings re-adjusted each year, but we do recommend taking bindings in for a check-up before the season begins. Authorized retailers can check to make sure that everything looks OK and is functioning properly. Bindings are a key safety element of your gear, and if they do not work properly, there can be serious consequences. 


Who do I best contact if something is broken on my bindings?
Greta: Please do not try to adjust or modify the bindings yourself. You are only safe on the mountain with a properly adjusted and functioning binding that has been fixed/adjusted by a professional. DYNAFIT has a large network of authorized retailers and partners who have all been well-trained and can help with and adjustments you may need.

To sum it up

If you treat your Pin Bindings well, they will serve you well for many years. A few key points to remember:

• Only clean bindings with lukewarm, mild sudsy water

• When carrying skis on your vehicle’s roof, use a ski bag or roof box

• Over the summer, store your ski touring equipment in a dry area at not too high temperatures

• Release tension in bindings for storage: Close but don’t lock toe pieces and set heel units to ski mode

• To ensure optimal performance, have annual check-ups by an authorized professional

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How do I clean my Pin Bindings when they are dirty?
Greta: When it comes to cleaning your ski bindings, do not use acidic or harsh compounds, or a cleaner for plastics - as your gear could be permanently damaged. Instead, use a cloth and lukewarm water with a mild sudsy soap for cleaning.


How often should I clean my bindings?
Greta: When your bindings are “very dirty,” then it’s time to clean them. Dirt can harm a binding just as it can damage the surface of a ski. Before you put down your skis for their summer break, it is also recommended that the equipment is checked thoroughly and cleaned well.