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Germany March 5 Berchtesgaden
USA March 11 Brighton, Utah
Switzerland March 5 Berggasthaus Sulzfluh, Partnun
Austria March 11 St. Johann in Tirol
France March 4 Areches-Beaufort
Czech / Slovakia March 4 Dolni Morava
Finland March 5 Ylläs, Äkäslompolo
Italy March 8 Renon
Andorra March 4 Grau Roig
Poland February 25 Zawoja, Mosorny Gron
Slovenia March 11 Krnica, Kranjska Gora
Norway March 4 Molde, Tusten skistenter

Social responsibility: Why snow leopards?

A retrospective look

As a passionate mountain sports brand, we not only want to make innovative, premium products, we are also conscious of our big responsibility when it comes to people and the outdoors. The Snow Leopard Day is part of this wholistic approach and a key component in our commitment toward wildlife conservation.

The snow leopard embodies the values and skills that our brand and our products also represent. With its exceptional speed and outstanding endurance, there is no other animal so well adapted to life in the mountains as the snow leopard. To Dynafit, the snow leopard is the role model and symbol for all characteristics and faculties that ensure living and surviving on the mountain – and thus a true role model for every endurance athlete.

Unfortunately, this extraordinary animal is now however in danger of extinction. Thus, we have set ourself the goal of helping the snow leopard.

Partnership with the Snow Leopard Trust

The concept: On one winter day, ski touring enthusiasts from many countries meet up to head out together on a ski tour. In order for athletes who don’t have their own equipment to take part, we make demo equipment available at no cost and provide tips and tricks to anyone interested. The event also includes a diverse program of music, food, snacks and beverages. In many locations, small races are held to help provide additional motivation. In the end, it’s all about accumulating as many meters of vert as possible for snow leopard protection. Each vertical meter achieved and tallied is transformed into one donated Euro cent by DYNAFIT. 

Snow Leopard Day - March 4-5 & 11-12, 2023: Sweat in the name of wildlife conservation


For a professional and sustainable commitment to protect the snow leopard, we have worked for many years with the Snow Leopard Trust. Founded in 1981, the non-profit Snow Leopard Trust based in Seattle, Wash., is dedicated completely to the protection of the endangered wild cat.

The habitat of the snow leopard is becoming smaller and smaller - research estimates that only about 3,500-6,500 snow leopards remain in the wild today. The snow leopard species continues to be threatened by illegal hunting, climate change and the decimation of its habitat. The Snow Leopard Trust runs projects in China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Pakistan. The organization also researches the endangered snow leopard and works to restore and strengthen its habitat in cooperation with the peoples of the mountain regions it calls home. An important part of the work is also to demonstrate to families living in those regions their financial alternatives to prevent hunting of the endangered snow leopard. Just to name a few, some of those projects are: among others: Continuing education courses as well as the creation of an insurance program in the case the snow leopards steal farm animals. In addition, residents will be aided in protecting their herds of cattle from disease and attacks by wolfs or snow leopards.

Further information about the Snow Leopard Trust is available at

Breaking a sweat for wildlife conservation: For 14 years, Dynafit has planned and organized the International Snow Leopard Day for the protection of snow leopards. Ski touring enthusiasts across the globe can express their passion for the sport while doing a good deed, together accumulating meters of vert in the name of the endangered wild cats. The more participants, give their all, the higher the donation becomes. An event concept that matches our maxim #SPEEDUP perfectly.

Snow Leopard Day: Ski touring for a good cause

In addition to the popular events, where participants head out together on ski tours, anybody interested can also work up a sweat on their own for the snow leopard on March 4th, 5th, 11th & 12th. All meters of climbing covered must be documented by a GPS and sent to DYNAFIT. These will also be counted toward the donation of one cent per vertical meter.

Snow Leopard Collection by TRULY DESIGN - For each purchase we donate to the Snow Leopard Trust
Snow Leopard Collection by TRULY DESIGN - For each purchase we donate to the Snow Leopard Trust

Species protection with style: Snow Leopard Limited Edition

You can show off your love for the Snow Leopard 365 days a year with our stylish Limited Snow Leopard Collection. By purchasing a piece of the collection, you will be doing something good and look great while doing it! We are donating 20% of the total sales to protecting the snow leopard through the WWF and the Snow Leopard Trust.

On piste or in the backcountry, pros or novices, solo or together at one of the national snow leopard events, a total of 2,308 athletes climbed mountains on both weekends and gathered 2,932,965 meters of vert. A special feature in 2023: Even the vert covered by individual athletes on March 4 at the ISMF World Championships in Boí Taüll, Spain, went into calculating the donation total. Together with the sale of Snow Leopard Limited Collection products came a total of some 40,226 euro, which DYNAFIT will donate in full to the non-profit organizations Snow Leopard Trust and WWF.