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Helping Band 

DYNAFIT managing director and passionate speed alpinist Benedikt Böhm created the Helping Band initiative to support the global nature and environmental conservation efforts of WWF Germany.  The wrist bands from Helping Band are meant to express a specific attitude that allows the wearers to become ambassadors for the protection of our planet. The idea for the project came about because the preservation of natural resources is a matter that is near to Beni’s heart. With Helping Band, he would like to enable coming generations to experience the outdoors and nature just as he has experienced it on his expeditions. 

Helping Band supports WWF 

Helping Band is a wristband that represents your personal commitment: With each band purchased, projects of the WWF will receive support, such as the preservation and expansion of nature and marine preserves. The WWF is among the world’s most important organizations involved with environmental protection and wildlife conservation. Specifically, a minimum of 50 euro cents from the sale of each band goes to WWF. In addition, we have contractually committed ourselves regardless of any sales to donate a minimum of EUR 60,000 each year to the WWF. 

8 wristbands. 1 goal. 

There are different wristbands that represent various areas of focus related to climate change, for example, protection of oceans and coastlines, saving forests, or climate protection. Each individual can thus select the appropriate message and with that contribute to creating more exposure in society for these essential challenges of our time.  

“I had the great good fortune not only to experience so many amazing places on our planet, but also to marvel at glaciers, bodies of water, plants, forests, and animals with my own eyes This is absolutely a matter that is near to my heart that our children and grandchildren will be able to see these areas as we have seen them. But to that end we must all take part and become actively involved. With Helping Band, everyone can participate and get involved.” 

Benedikt Böhm, DYNAFIT managing director 

Helping Band – a wristband that allows us to make big changes.