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Are you at home in the winter wonderland far away from crowded ski slopes? You enjoy the silence and isolation of eating lunch on a remote summit? Do majestic, challenging climbs with amazing views and long descents through powder snow make your heart beat faster? Then you are the very definition of a Ski Tourer.

Long before you clip into your touring bindings, you have studied the topographic maps and planned the day's (or multi-day) tour precisely. Which climbs provide the best views? Which slopes offer the best snow conditions during the descent? What are the terrain conditions like? What does the avalanche report say? Questions such as these characterize your pre-trip planning.

Your avi-backpack is packed with everything you may need in case of an avalanche. Your pack includes plenty to eat and drink, a plethora of clothes for the changeable weather; a shell for wind and precipitation, an insulating jacket for the cold at the summit, and a dry base layer to change into after the exertion of the climb.

During the tour, you take the time to enjoy the beauty of the mountain landscape, including using binoculars to see things up close. The pictures you take will later find their way into your mountain scrapbook along with details of the tour. And, after a long day on skis, you take the time to stop at a cozy hut for an aprés ski drink with your friends – for you, ski touring means enjoying life.


Along with a broad range of functionality, you insist that your clothing and equiment keep you comfortable and protected and not weigh you down. It has to work well on a quick evening tour after work or on a multi-day trip. What is the ideal equipment for a ski tourer like this?


From head to toe, from base layer to hard shell, the DYNAFIT range created for ski touring unites all of our experience in ski running and speed touring. Skis which have been trimmed for weight and comfortable touring boots and bindings make climbing and descending easier. In apparel, we use high-tech materials designed for all the conditions you may encounter in the mountains.


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