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Not deterred by the world’s highest mountains? Searching for alpine challenges on touring skis? You simply transfer your activities as performance athlete to the high alpine environment? Then Speed Touring is for you.

You know the mountains of the world. You have summited a number of them on touring skis, climbing against the clock. Still you’re looking for new alpine challenges. When you close your eyes, you dream of the high peaks of the Himalaya and the Karakoram Range. The next summit, the next Mountopia is what drives you. Summer or winter, you spend every free moment in the mountains. Speed is essential for you, because you’re aware that on a ski mountaineering expedition you’re frequently in the danger zone. The longer you’re in the zone, the greater the danger. Hence your maxim: in speed lies safety!

What keeps you moving is a clearly defined performance sport ethos. During training, you keep a constant eye on your sports watch, especially the barometer function. Intense training sessions with many thousands of vertical feet per day give you the necessary endurance for Mont Blanc, Mount Everest and other peaks. Long days in the mountains push you and your equipment to the limit. You know that  only light but reliable gear will get you to the summit and back. Sun or snow, the weather cannot hold you back. Your clothing must therefore be capable of dealing with all kinds of weather conditions. The snow under your skis can also change during the course of a single tour - ice, crust, powder or corn snow. You’re up to the challenge, because you know you can rely on your gear.


In the ultimate category of ski mountaineering, the weight of your gear is particularly important. On the one hand, if you’re going to reach the highest summits, your equipment has to be light. On the other hand, it has to be exceptionally durable to cope with the extreme situations you will encounter. The Speed Range has been created by DYNAFIT especially for Speed Tourers.



TLT: the bindings and boots of the TLT range are light yet stable to provide the perfect performance to weight ratio.


Speed: the new skis in the Speed Range are designed for long climbs and demanding descents in high alpine terrain.


TLT: particularly light and durable materials such as Dynashell™, Primaloft® Luxe, Polartec® Power Grid High Efficiency® and Dryarn®.


Not every speed tourer has the abiity to train in high alpine conditions every week. After work, you may head to the slopes of your local ski area for evening training sessions. DYNAFIT is the first ski touring brand to have developed a range of clothing especially for fitness training in these conditions – Speedfit!

Speed Men: Apparel and Equipment

TLT Speedfit: bindings and boots are light and comfortable and provide stability for training on the ski slopes and beyond.


Speedfit: a new range of men’s and women’s skis especially developed for ski touring on trails. Perfect handling characteristics for skiing inbounds and backcountry.

Speed Women: Apparel and Equipment