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Do you have speed in your DNA? Does your pulse beat to the motion of the stopwatch? In a ski mountaineering race, are you permenantly in the overtacking track? If so, you are cut from the cloth of the hardcore ski and running athlete.

In your world, summer is merely a time for preparation for the coming ski racing season. You work painstakingly several times each week to build a base of endurance and speed. You remain in competitive mode year-round. For this reason, you’re not going to miss a race even in summer – new challenges are hard-wired into your character. You have a great feel for technology, and you constantly fine-tune your equipment. Is it light enough? Is there something new on the market? What do you need to guarantee your best performance in upcoming races? And, of course, you dream of the classic competitions, the Trofeo Mezzalama, Patrouille des Glaciers and the Sellaronda.

In the fall, you eagerly await the first snowfall. By October, you’ve already taken your touring skis out for your first training runs at altitude on glacier trails. You download your training data from your sports watch to check your current state of fitness and to refine your training plan. You work at getting the last ounce of performance from your gear. Everything’s perfect!


You are a minimalist. Clothing is form-fitting, gear has a simple, low profile. Your race suit and training apparel allow maximum freedom of movement. Your backpack is minimal, too. A light insulating jacket, a couple of energy bars and an isotonic drink are all you need – you won’t be stopping to have lunch at the summit. Ripping your skins takes seconds, and you’re back in downhill mode. Weight is the prime factor in determining which skis, boots and bindings you use. Seconds count. Carbon fiber is your material of choice. The downhill is only a means to an end, the shortest distance to the next climb. You think in vertical feet gained.

Competition is your focus. If for some reason you can’t be at the start of a race, you’ll be following the Ski Mountaineering World Cup through the media. Even in fresh new snow you wear Spandex and Pierre Gignoux ski boots and you ski on ultralight racing skis. In the Spring, when everyone else has already stowed away their skis, you don’t think of stopping. Now is the time for the great ski mountaineering classics.


Which DYNAFIT products are right for you? And what are the key elements of these products? In short, all DYNAFIT Race ski touring products  for competition  and training are trimmed down to essentials to provide the best possible performance for the least possible weight. Carbon fiber is the go-to material for hardware. For clothing, we utilize innovative fabrics such as NILIT® Innergy and Polartec® Alpha®.

DNA collection: a series of race-bred products for no-comprmise performance in ski mountaineering competitions.


PDG collection: marginally heavier than DNA products, designed for training and entry-level competitors.




DNA collection: one and two-piece suits for all types of ski mountaineering competitions.


PDG collection: apparel with a more more comfort-oriented cut and higher abrasion resistance for use in training.


Mezzalama collection: a range of clothing inspired by the world’s toughest ski mountaineering race. Innovative, lightweight insulating materials for the most extreme races and the longest training sessions.

Everything’s perfect!


Everything’s perfect!

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