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Your winter begins with the first dump of powder? You’re not sure what a ski narrower than 95mm at the waist is for? You’re prepared to put up with a climb if there’s a really good descent at the end of it? If you answered these questions with „yes“, you’re a Free Tourer.

You’re one of the artists in the ski touring scene. Your canvas is the gradient from the summit to the valley, where you sculpt curves on untracked slopes, through narrow couloirs, over cornices and cliffs. You have adrenaline in your blood, and you live for the surf-like moments when your ski tips float to the surface of deep powder snow.


In fall, when the first teasers for new freeride films go viral on the internet, your heart rate increases. You read every forecast and farmer’s almanac that promise the coming season will be the winter of the century. As the first snowfall draws closer, you find yourself checking the local weather website several times a day. Even if it means crawling along in slow-moving traffic you are a storm chaser, and you will chase those snowstorms.

You are always looking for the perfect line. If the descent looks promising, you’re not concerned with the climb to get there. For you, free touring is a game of weightlessness and centrifugal force, played in an alpine environment. Untouched powder snow has a magical appeal for you, and it doesn’t matter where you have to go to find it. Short excursions into the side country, or tours a long way from civilization – that’s where you’ll be.


As a downhill-oriented ski mountaineer, you’re used to lightweight gear. Your focus, however, is on those descents, and for you this means no compromises with the materials your gear is made of. You demand absolute downhill performance from your freeride skis, boots, binding and clothing. But – you demand something else, too – style. Your gear has to have that cool factor.


Free Men: Apparel and Equipment

Beast Ski Boots: the cuff rotation of a pure-bred touring ski boot and the torsional stiffness of an alpine ski boot.


TLT Radical FT 2.0: TÜV-certified binding for secure edging on descents. Light weight for multi-hour climbs.


Beast Ski: available in two versions - 98mm and 108mm width at the waist. The Beast ski range excels with wood cores, full sidewall and double-edge rocker or full rocker.

Free Women: Apparel and Equipment

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The question whether to go with lightweight or high performance has been answered – nowadays you can have both! DYNAFIT gives you the best of both worlds with gear and clothing designed for free touring. We bring together experience and materials from ski mountaineering competitions plus a large helping of cool. Check out the gear for yourself.


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