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SPEED MOUNTAINEERING | 16.04.2018 | Dennis Forte

What does lightweight mean to you? Is it a feeling of easy lightheartedness or of just less weight? When Alpine Running or Speed Mountaineering, you tend to think initially about the weight of your gear. But really isn’t it both components? It is sometimes not really about super light equipment that gives an athlete the feeling of physical and mental lightness during physical activity? We can only answer that with a resounding YES: The connection between the ideal product setup and the feeling during activity of inner lightness resulting from that is for us without a doubt a part of performance.

What does lightweight mean to you?

“Making a product out of a little bit more than nothing.” Lightness is deeply anchored in our company values. What, however, does lightness mean to our athletes? We wanted to know this and so we asked a few of them:

Anna Comet (ES) – Ultra Running


"Lightness is freedom. Whether trail running or ski touring, lightness stands for the new path to conquering mountains. It is the feeling of lightness, the passion for the mountains and being happy. Lightness in our athletic activities means combining performance and fun — nobody wants to do without either of these elements, so lightness is essential for me.”

Oriol Cardona Coll (ES) – Skimo Racer & Alpine Running


"As a pro skimo athlete, lightness to me also means speed. As a ski mountaineer, speed is essential to reducing risk in the mountains. The faster I am, the less time I must spend in danger zones. Thus for me lightness, speed and safety all go together."

Malene Haukoy (NOR) – Skimo Racer & Alpine Running


"Fast, long tours in summer and winter without a huge loss of energy! That is what lightness means to me. Clothing and equipment must work together to perfectly support by body. That means that even after long workouts with several thousand meters of vert, I call still fully enjoy the mountains."

Magdalena Kozielska (PL) - Skyrunning


"Less weight conveys a true feeling of comfort. Lightness for me is the inspiration to reach ambitious goals faster or even to exceed them. Lightness is the foundation for success that is indispensable."

Klaus Gösweiner (AT) – Ultrarunning


"Lightness to me means still being able to run well in the toughest ultra trail run in Austria, the GGUT 110. There, you face more than 3,000 meters of vert in just the first difficult 60K. So you then still have full motivation to be able to attack the remaining 50K. For this, there are many factors responsible. When it comes to the factor of super light equipment, I have put my trust in Dynafit for a product setup for more than 10 years!"

Beni Böhm (DE) – Speed Mountaineering


"Weight + performance are to me the key to success! You can only achieve ambitious goals with lightweight equipment, optimum preparation, and absolute determination."

Limit.Less - What does lightness mean  to you?

Limit.Less - What does lightness mean  to you?