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Elevation WP - The lightest shoe for high-alpine touring 

More Mountains in a Day: The Elevation WP is the lightest, crampon-compatible mountain shoe available on the market today. Inspired by trail running, but with the protective and safety features of a fully featured mountain boot, this mountaineering shoe was developed in close partnership with Swiss extreme mountaineer, mountain guide and DYNAFIT athlete Andy Steindl. It is your game changer for every high-alpine speed project! 

Andy Steindl looking to set a record 

Andy knows exactly what it comes down to be out on challenging terrain fast, nimbly and still safely. At age 14, he stood on the summit of the Matterhorn for the first time. His passion for the mountains was awakened by then, as was his drive for going high and going fast. In 2019 the mountaineer from Zermatt succeeded at setting a speed record on Mont Blanc on the Peutérey Intégral Ridge. Similarly, Andy holds the speed record on his local mountain, the Matterhorn, with a time of less than four hours from the village square to the summit and back. In July 2022, Andy conquered the legendary Spaghetti Tour in the Alps in one sensational non-stop run: 31 kilometers, 4,300 meters of vert, and 18 four-thousanders in less than 10 hours. He and his partner barely missed surpassing the current record by only 10 minutes.  


What Andy was always missing on his speed tours was the perfect shoe. Until now. In an interview, he talks about what particularly important to him in the development of this shoe, and what makes the Elevation Mountaineering shoe so unique. 

Interview: Andy Steindl x DYNAFIT 

How was it for you to be a part of the development of the Elevation shoe? 

Andy: For me, it was a stupendous opportunity together with DYNAFIT to build the shoe I have always been lacking. I wanted absolutely to have a shoe that was perfectly suitable for my speed projects and that just wasn’t available on the market. It was a fantastic experience to be involved in the development from the beginning to the end, and then to hold the shoe I needed in my hands. 


What was the best part of the project, and where were the challenges? 

Andy: Testing the prototypes was a real highlight for me. To see what worked and what didn’t and how the shoe developed. The biggest challenge was always long wait times for the next prototype. I really wanted to try it out right away, to see how the next shoe reacted on the mountain after we had taken on improvements. 


How long did it take from the first prototype to the finished shoe? 

Andy: I got the first prototype in 2021. Altogether it took about two years. During that time, there were countless hours of testing and innumerable meetings with the product team to be able to undertake as many improvements as possible. 


What was the fundamental concept behind the Elevation WP? 

Andy: I wanted a shoe that you could use from the valley to the summit of a mountain – no matter how technical the terrain was. The fundamental concept for me was to need only one shoe for challenging high-alpine terrain speed tours and not to need to carry another pair along.  


What were the most important features the shoe needed to have? 

Andy: The shoe needed to absolutely be crampon compatible. It couldn’tbe too soft for climbing, but still had to be runable, nimble and light. In addition, it was important that feet could stay dry – especially with snow on a glacier. 


Do you want to conquer high mountains in record time like Andy? Get your hands on the new Elevation Mountaineering shoe and make more out of your (mountain) day! 

Features and special characteristics Elevation shoe 

The Elevation WP sets new standards in the category of light, nimble mountaineering shoes. Comfortable and ready to run yet boasting all the features of a fully featured mountain shoe, it is the first choice for fast (high-) alpine tours. 


Crampon compatible  
For more safety on mixed terrain and glacier traverses, you can use semi-automatic crampons with the Elevation as well as racing crampons. 


Comfortable to wear and quick to pull on 
The shoe can be pulled on in a snap and has impressive, perfect fit and great comfort. The rugged gaiter can be opened and closed easily with a zipper. 


Perfect grip on challenging terrain 

The time-tested Vibram® Megagrip outsole guarantees ideal grip on technical terrain and in wet conditions. Thanks to the innovative Litebase Technology, the sole is significantly lighter than a traditional Vibram sole; however, it continues to impress with the same traction and great long-lasting durability.  


Durable and waterproof 

The outer material with its high-cut gaiter is especially rugged long-lasting durability. It protects from stones and snow and prevents the straps from crampons from pinching uncomfortably. The gaiters with a waterproof membrane keep your feet dry on long days touring. 


Stability and protection  

A full-length plate made of high-performance PEBAX® guarantees the best stability on both fast climbs and speedy downhills. It is built up higher at the heel so the crampon heel clip doesn’t press on your heel.