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GEAR | 16.02.2018 | Robert Schlemer - Commercial Product Manager Equipment

A new DYNAFIT touring ski collection has rolled out for the 2017-18 winter season. Changes not only include designs and names, but also shape, materials used, and technical features. The brand new touring skis also demand adaptations in climbing skins. And that’s why we have customized them to the length and sidecut of the new models.

We have recently received a few questions related to touring ski skins:


- Are the new skins compatible with touring skis in the 2016-17 collection?
- Which skins fit which touring skis from past collections?


The key points: YES, climbing skins launched in the 2017-18 winter season are compatible with 2016-17 touring skis.


Below is a summary of which skins fit which touring skis:

With the touring skis Manaslu and Dhaulagiri, the current climbing skins (Speed Skin Tour 88 and Speed Skin Tour 96) are minimally wider than the original skis and must be trimmed down accordingly.

Skin attachment

The system for attaching climbing skins to touring skis has remained the same -- first, the metal peg at the end of the skin is clipped into the tail of the touring ski and then the skin is adhered along the length of the ski base. Finally, the rubber skin tip tensioner anchor is pulled into the slot on the tip of the ski. This allows the ski and the skin to form one unit.

The right climbing skins for your DYNAFIT touring skis