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Vulcan Tourenschuh
Vulcan Tourenschuh
Vulcan Tourenschuh
Vulcan Tourenschuh

Vulcan Boot

Maximum freeride performance on any terrain at only 1,615 g

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Product Description
The new generation of Freeriders: agility in ascent and descent without compromise. Vulcan offers unrivalled downhill performance, is rigid enough to be used on the most modern Freeride skis, enables front-lean rigidity to be personalised thanks to the removable Downhill Booster Tongue, and has perfect heel holding, even when landing jumps. All this combined with agility in walk mode, lightness and cutting edge technical solutions, including the Ultra Lock 2.0 lever and the Driving Spoiler 2.0. We have improved the design to yield even greater downhill performance, delivered through a more progressive response provided by the new cuff in glass fibre combined with the Pebax® shell. Enhanced skiing control comes also from the Ultra Lock Strap, which ensures complete closure and provides rapid adjustment. Vulcan offers a completely customizable setup thanks to the adjustable forward lean and the removable stoppers in the cuff, and is compatible with all types of ski touring and freeride bindings. The new Custom Plus liner is completely thermoformable. It cradles the foot to provide precision and comfort at the same time, thanks to the construction technique employing 3 different types of foam.
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