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Tour Vario Pole

Adjustable and made of aluminum and carbon fiber for classic tours.

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The Tour Vario 2 is a length-adjustable pole made of aluminum and carbon fiber with a low weight and high comfort for classic ski tours. Developers used aluminum for the upper section of the pole for optimum protection against impact. The lower section is made of a rigid and yet very light carbon fiber to optimize the swing weight of the pole. Using the Vario 2 locking mechanism, it can be adjusted easily and securely from 105-145 cm, allowing you to precisely adapt the length to your needs and the slope’s gradient. The Tour Vario 2 also features a comfortable 2K foam grip with an EVA grip extension. This allows the pole to sit comfortably in your hand no matter whether you are holding it at the upper part or the lower part. The wrist strap at the grip ensures increased stability on the climb. The basket is a 2K powder basket that adapts to the slope’s gradient ideally and also offers impressive performance in powder. Weighing in at 224 grams, the Tour Vario 2 is among the lightest ski touring poles in its class. Tour Vario 2 – Light, adjustable, classic.


Height adjustable

105 - 145 cm

Maximal Length

145 cm

Packing Size


Pole Grip

2K Grip

Pole Tip

2K Powder Basket, Aluminium Tip

Pole material

Aluminium, Carbon



Adjustable Pole Length
Adjustable Pole Length
Adjustable Pole Length
EVA grip extension
EVA grip extension
EVA grip extension
Pressure lock system
Pressure lock system
Pressure lock system
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Tour Vario Pole $83.97
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