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Four guys, a dog and me

TOUR | 5.24.2018 | Elisa Deutschmann @artivicial

Ski Touring Adamello - Italy

Every year I head out with friends on different adventures in different countries for varying amounts of time. On these trips, we explore new, untrodden areas on our skis and while sleeping in tents. Every year, our plan is to travel just a little bit further from our Bavarian home in Chiemgau. The long-term goal is also at some point to undertake a true expedition, an unprecedented adventure. Last season, were were in a side valley in the Adamello Group in Italy - due to the very long approach, this valley is usually deserted, which gave us a wonderful expedition-like feel.

After a miserably long approach requiring us to cross rivers and avalanche debris cones, we finally arrived in the last part of the valley, where we found a perfect spot for our base camp. Surrounded by rocks and trees, and far away from any steep slopes, we were in the ideal spot to set up our tents. To our surprise, there was a creek directly beside us, which saved us from having to melt the snow for fresh water. 

Ski touring planning is half the battle

The next morning we set off towards Adamello, while the sun was shining with all its power. Arriving at the top, after skiing past gigantic boulders, we were overwhelmed by a stupendous panorama. Even though we lacked a lot snow, we made the best of the situation. You don’t always have to ski the steepest slopes or the most snow to have fun. Sometimes, an awesome team along with some sun and firm snow is all you need. Over the next few days, we spent quality time together in a more easygoing manner with some fantastic spring touring.

Before setting off on our trip to Adamello, we knew we weren't going to have the best skiing conditions. Since we knew what kind of weather we were in for, detailed, advance planning was an essential part of the success of our trip. We were prepared because we had thought a lot prior about everything from snow conditions and weather, to flora, fauna, nature sanctuaries and touring possibilities. This was done using topographic maps.

Taking the dog on the expedition

My husky, Finn, joined our group of four on this adventure. He loves the snow and the mountains, so I thought this tour would be the perfect fit for him. He is super tough and perfectly suited for winter life. Finn has thick fur, so he only sleeps outside - so no extra weight of a sleeping bag for me to carry! However, he needs his food, which is something that I needed to take into consideration when packing and knowing the amount I'm able to carry. Over the course of the trip, Finn only ate dry food. This is the lightest type of food, yet it has the highest nutritional value. 

Ski touring in Adamello is a time for me to be out with the guys, which has its advantages and disadvantages. What I mean by that, is that I need to remember to not be easily influenced by all the guys, and to listen to my own intuition. I need to express all of my thoughts immediately and very openly to assure everyones safety. There is a solution for every situation! I am firmly convinced that any woman can accomplish an expedition as long as she has the will and the courage for it.

Four guys, a dog and me

After a few hours of driving, we arrived in Italy and noticed that the spring sun had already been pretty hard at work - there was hardly any snow left! Nevertheless, we headed out fully loaded with our equipment for the next few days.

Four guys, a dog and me