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Alpine Running | 18.03.2019 | Harald Angerer

Test Report - Trail Shoe: Feline Up Pro, tested by “auffi muas i” blogger, Harald Angerer

“auffi muas i”, which roughly translated means “gotta go up”, is a blog from Harald Angerer. Harald is not a top athlete, he is more of a hobby trail runner. Despite this he still takes things pretty seriously; he has taken part in the 50 kilometer Großglockner Ultratrail. His blog is mainly focused on running gear, which he tests thoroughly on the trails around Kitzbühel. Last summer, we gave him the brand new Feline Up Pro to test. You can find out what Harald had to say about our pro model here:

Trail Running - when you need to gain altitude quickly.

Red, low profile and fast. No, we’re not talking about a new Ferrari, we’re talking about the new Feline Up Pro from Dynafit. A shoe that simply loves to go fast. The Feline Up Pro is billed as a ‘mountain sprint shoe for vertical running’. However, after only a few kilometers, it appears that the envisaged target group may be a little narrow. The Feline Up Pro is unexpectedly versatile, even if the specifications are clear and unequivocal. 230 grams total weight, with a heel-to-toe drop of 4 millimeters. The shoe features a Quick Lace system, a very thin material for the upper and a Vibram Megagrip sole.

If you have wide feet, you’re not going to like the Feline Up Pro

The fit is definitely performance-oriented. Described as ‘Minimal Fit’ it turns out not to be as bad as I had feared. The shoe is intended for narrow or normal width feet; those with really wide feet are not going to like the Feline Up Pro. The lacing system allows the shoe to be cinched snugly around the foot, and the sock-like tongue also contributes to the excellent fit. As soon as you slip into the shoe you notice how flat and precise it is.

On the trails - the field test

The direct, precise feel is apparent when you are on the trail. The Feline Up Pro loves to run. Despite this, the shoe is anything but a rock-hard race model. I was surprised during the test how comfortable the shoe actually is. Even if it is aimed squarely at the mountain sprint market, it is quite possible to cover distances up to 20 kilometers in the Feline Up Pro. In fact, the shoe practically invites you to push harder on the trails including on technical surfaces. The grip is excellent, thanks to the Vibram sole, and the profile is well balanced. You only reach the limits of the shoe when you sink in deep.

Test Result: Feline Up Pro

I was really surprised by the Feline Up Pro. It not only performed well in the sprints it is advertised for; it was a really fun shoe on narrow trails, too. The grip is excellent and even the comfort level is OK. With this shoe, Dynafit has done everything right in my opinion. The Feline Up Pro is pre-programmed for fun on the trails.

The specifications of the Feline Up Pro Alpine Running Shoe

• Weight: 230 grams (EU size 42)
• Sole: Vibram® Megagrip Sole and Vibram® Lite Base Technology
• Drop: 4 millimeters heel-to-toe
• Laces: Quick Lacing System
• Features: Dynafit Heel Preloader for heel support and comfort


The Feline Up Pro is the pro model from Dynafit, and comes in unisex in EU sizes 35 - 48.5. Other colors are available in the training model Feline Up, the ‘younger brother and sister’ of the Feline Up Pro: