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It’s dark outside, plus wet and foggy. We head out at 4 a.m., tired and in silence, but still quite excited for the sunrise on the summit. We are very grateful for the backcountry vehicle provided by the Ötztal Tourism Office, especially once we reach the ski area and have to cross through rocky water flows in the high-alpine terrain with only five meters of visibility: Whew, we arrive! We need to do the last 300 meters of vert on foot. Icy temperatures, fog and very wet weather detain us, though. We decide to wait a bit until the fog lifts … one hour, two hours. We are happy we have quite well-filled lunch bags that were prepared for us in the Hotel Enzian. Three hours. We snuggle into our warm down jackets and wait another four hours for the fog to slowly clear up. It is now noon, and we can finally get started. Nevertheless, we are rewarded with an incredible view all the way to the Dolomites at the end of the day, complete with mystical cloud formations and of course amazing photos.

The forecast was mediocre to bad. The reality: even worse. Motivated and powered up by our early breakfast during out stay in the Hotel Enzian, we head off and up on the last day of the shoot with the Hohe Mut gondola. Arriving up top on the Hohe Mut at 2,670 meters, we pack up our gear and make our way on foot to the perfect spot. The view out over the glacier is nothing but spectacular. The view out toward Rotmoostal is certainly just as fantastic. The totally perfect location for our segment on ultrarunning. But then just three minutes later everything disappears into a fog. We hope for an improvement, but unfortunately in vain. We find a shelter to hang out in one of the popular honeymoon huts in the area: on the Hohe Mut meadow directly next to the gondola where we wait until the afternoon, hoping it pulls back out. We use this minimal time of about 45 minutes to get as many photos of the landscape as possible. Our time is now up. The clouds and fog move out of the valley, and we tie up the day. The weather in the mountains is at this point too unpredictable.

A superb weather forecast, one great mood all around, the team and shuttles at the ready for departure: We arrive at our first location by picture-perfect weather after a short and bumpy drive in a 20-year-old Defender Land Rover. Although it’s still pretty early with the meadows still damp from dew, we already have unexpectedly pleasant temperatures. Between the Hohe Mut gondola mid-station and the Schönwieshütte , we find a dream panorama – despite at least 600 meters of vertical separating us from the summit still.

We are expected at the Karlsruher Hut at 2,450 meters for a lunch of local fare that gives us more energy for the afternoon shoot in Zirbenwald. New location, new challenges. Farther down in Zirbenwalk, there are some spectacular forest trails. A short rain shower interrupts our schedule for a short time, but the clouds move on again quickly. We follow the trail deeper and deeper into the forest and head up a short climb up until we reach a small plateau. Here, we are rewarded with a beautiful sunset on the first day.

The early bird catches the worm – or so we thought

Alpine Running | 20.09.2017 | by Beatrice Lederer

If you have been in Ötztal in the summer, you surely know the gorgeous valleys behind the well-known Obergurgl ski resort. Green slopes, spectacular waterfalls, a view of the glacier, amazing impressive mountains and fantastic trails – a beautiful backdrop for our photo shoot for the new 2018 Summer Collection.

Good things come in threes – or so they say

The weather forecast up top on the summit of Wurmkogel for the second day is quite promising. We decide to get up early to shoot some super photos at sunrise. Getting up early in this case means 3 a.m.! Nothing really unusual for our local guide from the Ötztal Alps Martin Scheiber – as the owner of a local bakery that is quite normal for him. All of the rest of us however are rather tired. 

We are nevertheless quite pleased with the results and in first order would like to heartily thank the Ötztal Tourism Office and team4tourismus for the incredibly professional support before and during our shoot. A big thanks also to our guide Martin Scheiber, who accompanied and advised us all three entire days in the mountains.

Most certainly we will be in Ötztal more frequently in the future because the area not only is the optimal region for ski holidays, but also is perfect for passionate alpine runners! If you don’t believe it, you should take a look at our photos from the Glacier Run.

Alpine Running Men
Alpine Running Women
Alpine Running Women
Alpine Running Men

Photoshoot summer 2018 collection