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Big Triple by Bene Böhm: 3 Summits, 3 Countries, human powered – non-stop!

Speed mountaineer and Dynafit managing director Benedikt Böhm is again quite determined. “Big Triple” is the name of the new project in which he will again declare war against the clock and test his physical limits. The elements: Three 4,000ers, touring skis, bike and a competitive time limit The action starts on April 24th, 2021.

The project: Big Triple

Three countries, three summits, non-stop and without motorized assistance – That sums up the next endeavor by Bene. For it, however, the 43-year-old extreme athlete didn’t simply pick out some mountain or another. Rather, he selected three of the most well-known and impressive 4,000ers in Europe: Grand Combin, Gran Paradiso, and Mont Blanc And because that alone isn’t enough, he wants to cover the ground between the mountains on a bike. On top of all that, he also set himself a time limit – of course: “fully human powered,” non-stop, and in under 30 hours. No question, after his successful Speed Transalp and his speed record on Dhaulaghiri VII, Bene has again chosen another ambitious goal. In his attempt to set a new “fastest known time,” he will undoubtedly have to push himself to his limits. Along the way, he will be supported by his team of long-time mountain companions who will alternate in accompanying him on the individual stages.  

The route: Grand Combin, Gran Paradiso, and Mont Blanc

Benedikt Böhm will start in Bourg-Saint-Pierre in Switzerland’s Valais at an elevation of 1,664 meters. His first goal is the summit of the Grand Combin at 4,314 meters. To do that, he must conquer 2,650 meters both climbing and descending and tick off 28 kilometers. After that, the DYNAFIT managing director will hop on the bike and head to Pont Valsavarenche in Italy’s Aosta Valley to tackle the Gran Paradiso with its 4,061 meters. This mountain, the highest in Italy, offers the challenge of 2,190 meters of climbing as well as descending and adds another 23 kilometers. The big finale of Mont Blanc is then waiting for Bene. From the Mont Blanc Tunnel at 1,300 meters the speed mountaineer will head up Europe’s highest mountain and its 4,801 meters. This last stage is at the same time the most challenging. 3,600 meters of climbing, 4,190 meters of descent, and 23 kilometers will demand everything that Bene has before he finishes his project on Chamonix’s Kirchplatz.


The 43-year-old also wants to carry out his project “Big Triple” only using human power. Meaning: Bene will abstain from motorized assistance of any kind. He will cover the stretches between the three mountains on a bike. As long as the conditions on the mountain allow it, Bene will use touring skis, then will run the rest of the way.


Overall that then adds up to:
11,900 meters of climbing
13,000 meters of descending
200 kilometers in total
Of that, 130k on the bike
Non-stop in one push, without sleeping, without long breaks, and all of that in less than 30 hours.

“The idea for the Big Triple has been floating around in my head for a while, and I can hardly wait for it to finally get going. No question, it will be hard, it will be tough, and I will be pushed to my physical and mental limits. But it will be an exciting challenge, precisely because I want to achieve it all only under my own power on skis and a bike. I have a stupendous team at my side that will support and motivate me. I feel physically in top shape and well-prepared. We have satisfied the prerequisites; now, the conditions on the mountain and the weather must play along at least halfway.” – Benedikt Böhm

The timeline: Non-stop in under 30 hours

On April 24, early in the morning at 5 a.m., Benedikt Böhm will start out of Bourg-Saint-Pierre up to the Grand Combin. Around mid-day, Bene wants to be back in the valley and immediately head out to Gran Paradiso. For that stretch to Pont Valsavarenche, he is estimating about four hours on the bike. About 4 p.m. on the afternoon of April 24, he should start up Gran Paradiso if all goes to plan. After a successful summit climb, he should be back in the valley about 10 p.m. Last but not least, Mont Blanc is now on the schedule. Around midnight, Bene is expected in the parking lot of the Mont Blanc Tunnel in Chamonix after about three hours on the bike. At that point, he will tackle his last goal. Ten hours for the ascent and descent are estimated for Mont Blanc.


From the tunnel (1,300 m), Bene’s challenging route takes him over the Grands Mulets Hut (3,051 m) onto the Grand Plateau (4,000 m) and across the Vallot Bivouac (4,362 m) and the Bosses Ridge to the summit of Mont Blanc at 4,810 meters. If everything goes according to plan and the conditions allow it, Bene will stand atop the highest peak in Europe on the morning of April 25. About 10:30 a.m., his team will expect him at the final goal, Chamonix’s Kirchplatz (Church Square).

Updates on Social Media 

If you would like to follow Bene’s adventure, there will be regular updates posted on the DYNAFIT Instagram Channel.


#SPEEDUP for the Big Triple by Bene Böhm


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Follow Beni on his route

Follow Beni on his route