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TLT7 Expedition CL Tourenschuh Herren

TLT7 Expedition CL Boot Men

The Climboost! Enhance your ascent speed with the TLT 7 Speed Touring boot and save energy for the next descent

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Product Description
The revolutionary TLT7 Expedition Speed Touring boot is the ideal choice for every ambitious ski tourer who puts a premium on getting up the mountain fast and light. This touring boot's ascent performance has been greatly improved with the Speed Nose and a setback pivot point. That helps you save energy for the descent. The Ultra-Lock 3.0 System makes it possible to transition between Fit / Walk / Ski modes with the adjustment of just one buckle. Also, the new Master Step Insert enables easier entry -- up to 50% easier in comparison to the Quick-Step-In Insert. Improved strength and precision power transmission on the descent is ensured with the carbon fiber-infused Lambda Frame and the Power Strap.
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