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You summit mountains dynamically, quickly and at ease? You’re not put off by the thought of several thousand vertical feet in a day? You prefer to be above the treeline? You have high alpine summits more or less permanently in your gaze? As soon as winter begins, you grab your touring skis from storage and switch to speed touring? If all of the above is true, Athletic Mountaineering is your sport.

Your alarm rings. It’s still dark outside, but you are wide awake. A quick breakfast, you shoulder your pack, put on your headlamp and take off. Your stride is purposeful and dynamic. You move quickly and easily. You know that it will be a long day today – ‚normal‘ alpinists need three days for the tour you have in mind; you’re planning for thirteen hours.

You planned every single detail of the route. To begin with, the trail leads gently upwards through meadows. You push on, determined to keep to your planned schedule. Better to walk a little quicker now so you have some time in reserve later. As the trail leads through a tangle of alpine pines, it gets steeper. The sky is getting lighter. You are greeted by the first rays of sun as you cross a large scree field above the treeline. A few meters later and you’re ankle deep in snow. The next stretch to the rocky summit ridge requires care – the snowfield is really slippery.


Made it! Another thousand feet of easy climbing and you’re on the summit at 10,000 feet. A short break and you move on – you still have a lot of ground to cover today.


Athletic Mountaineering Men: Apparel and Equipment

Rugged, technical clothing designed for protection for high alpine speed mountaineering.

Athletic Mountaineering Women: Apparel and Equipment

Comfortable, classic range for ambitious alpinists who often undertake multi-day mountain tours, but in general stay under 10,000 feet.

A short break and you move on – you still have a lot of ground to cover today.

As an athletic mountaineer, you’re aware that the conditions in the mountains or in the span of a tour can change very rapidly. It might have been pleasantly warm down in the valley, but a short while later you could be staring into the teeth of an icy wind on the summit ridge. Varying temperatures and varying alpine terrain conditions put you and your equipment to the test. So – which DYNAFIT products are right for your speed-oriented pursuit?


In athletic mountaineering, the individual layers of a clothing system are key to overall performance. Gore-Tex® hard shells, Polartec®Alpha® insulation und Polartec® Thermal Pro® base layers. In the case of footwear, the focus is twofold: grip in varying conditions and fit.



Athletic Mountaineering