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You love to run, just not on asphalt? Scree, mud and tree roots are your training partners? Are there names like Vibram Megagrip, Vibram Mapping Compound or Pomoca Gliding Path on the soles of your running shoes? Do steep downhills, ultralong distances and alpine trails raise your heart rate? Congratulations, you’re a real Alpine Runner.

For you, trail running is not limited to forest trails. Your playground is steep, rocky and above treeline. Where the pavement ends, that’s where your adventures begin. Far from traffic noise and crowds of people, you make your own way over rocks and roots. Anyone who wants to keep up with you has to be quick, uphill as well as down. The journey is your destination. Summiting is secondary, the trail through unspoiled nature is the main thing. You don’t need much when you run – a small backpack, water bottles and some gels and you’re ready to go. With short, rapid steps, you power along the trails. Summer or winter, running is your passion, the thing that keeps you fit.

While your coworkers lay on a beach soaking up the sun on the weekend, you’re lining up for races: Vertical Kilometers, mountain marathons or an event from the Ultra Sky Race series, the main thing for you is that the course isn’t level. You are driven by the stopwatch; you run against yourself – faster, higher, farther. Going fast means going light! This is true for your gear, too – minimalism is your maxim. You rely completely on your equipment. The material must work flawless, whatever comes along. Light but rugged high-tech material which protects you from the capricious changes in the weather. Features that work for you, both in training and in competition. Your gear is tough and uncompromising, and so are you.


Which DYNAFIT equipment is right for you? That’s partly a question of where the gear will be used. We divide alpine running into three categories: Vertical, Alpine and Ultra. Whether you opt for short, steep events or ultra distance competitions, all DYNAFIT alpine running products have one thing in common: they are lightweight and are made of high-tech materials to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes.

Alpine Running


Shoes, apparel and equipment for short, steep mountain runs. Extremely breathable, lightweight equipment for absolute minimalists.


Technical gear for classic trail runners. Distances up to 26 miles, perhaps with vertical gain and loss – but all on trails.

Minimalism is your maxim!


Gear for off-road runs beyond marathon distance. During ultra runs, athletes require shoes which provide protection and shock absorption, athletic, abrasion resistant clothing, backpacks with intelligent packing features and trekking poles which fold up in seconds.

Alpine Running

ALPINE RUNNING Men: Apparel and Equipment

ALPINE RUNNING Women: Apparel and Equipment

Alpine Running