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Flowing trails, unknown peaks, and new personal bests: Get ready for your summer on the mountain with our new collection – by athletes, for athletes.



Trail Running

Running in the mountains. Products made for steep and short verticals up to ultra-marathons.


Mountaineering in alpine terrain. Products offer 100% performance and reliability in any weather.


Bike collection which fullfill all day needs. Ride collection offers best fit & comfort while riding.


Racing is in our DNA – DYNAFIT is born from competition-ski mountaineering to gain victories.


Fast ski touring in high-alpine terrain. Products are inspired by ski touring racing.


Classic Ski Touring for one or multi-day adventures. Our gear meets all safety standards!


Freeride inspired ski touring. Producs made to earn your turns on deep powder days.

Johanna Swatosch

DYNAFIT athlete 

"Why tackle just one peak when you can conquer several at the same time? I love to get out there fast, efficiently and carrying very little. With the Traverse Collection, I am still ideally prepared for everything – without any trade-offs in comfort and performance."

More mountains in a day

Easy, light, and fast is how you can conquer every summit. The new Traverse Collection is as versatile as you are. Paring down to the minimum allows you to get more out of your day on the mountain!

Traverse - More mountains in a day


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Trail running competitions: Highlights from the running calendar, powered by DYNAFIT

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Summit 2024

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Q36.5 Squad

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Q36.5 Snow Leo

With the exclusive DYNAFIT road bike special collection, you are as fast and efficient in the saddle as a snow leopard – powered by Q36.5. Read article
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Ultra Camp

No trail is too long to you? Are you always on the lookout for new challenges? Then we have just the thing for you: The DYNAFIT Ultra Camp is heading into its next round, and you can be there! Read article
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Eyewear Collection

DYNAFIT Eyewear - Do you want to see the mountains with different eyes? Read article
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ULTRA – Ready for more distance

Our light, technical products provide protection and comfort from the first to the last step. Prepare yourself for more with your new DYNAFIT ultra setup. Read article
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How to Trail Run: Equipment & Technique Tips

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What is trail running?

Trail running is a popular sport in the summer. But, what does it really mean? What is the difference between that and a mountain run, and at one point does it become an ultra? We have the answers for you! Read article


Super stylish glacier and high-altitude sunglasses

150.00 €
170.00 €
170.00 €
170.00 €

Light, functional running vest for long days on the trail.

130.00 €
130.00 €
130.00 €
150.00 € 120.00 €
150.00 € 120.00 €
150.00 €
150.00 €

Short running tights for high performance vertical runners.

80.00 €
70.00 €


From intelligent weather protection, breathable jerseys and padded shorts, the DYNAFIT Ride Collection keeps you perfectly equipped for a mountain summer on two wheels.



Lifetime Guarantee

We are convinced of the quality of our bindings! Register your binding and get the lifetime product warranty.

30 Days free returns

In the DYNAFIT brand store you take no risk. You can easily return your order within one month.

55% produced in the Alps

We are at home in the Alps. We can proudly say that the majority of our products are produced here.