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The starting point for the development of this ski was to blend the feeling of surfing giant waves with the grip of the snow leopard in steep icy terrain. It is the perfect symbiosis of an aggressive ski and low weight. With its long and progressively curved rocker geometry toward the tip, and the short but efficient gently rising rocker in the tail, the Huascaran combines maximum lift with absolute smoothness. Guaranteed fun while skiing, precise transfer of power on every type of ground and in long turns at high speed. Get to the big faces!

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Play video An Endless Spring Day

An Endless Spring Day

Play video Dynafit Huascaran/Vulcan

Dynafit Huascaran/Vulcan

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Specifications open

Length: 167 177 186 196
Weight (g): 1690 (167) 1780 (177) 1850 (186) 1940 (196)
Sidecut: 133-110-122 134-112-123 135-114-124 136-115-125
Radius: 35/17/30 35/18,5/30 35/20/30 35/20/30
Colours: white/ black/ green
Field of use: Free Touring , Freeride Touring
Rocker: Trible Radius
Rocker: Scoop Rocker
Rocker: Tail Rocker
Running surface: sintered graphite coatings (Electra Race)
Laminate: Fiberglass/Carbon Hybrid Technology with Titanal inserts
Core construction:: Isocore Paulownia Ultralight wood with stringers in beech and bamboo

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