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Grand Teton

Description open

The long 'rocker' shovel and a massive sidewall design make the Grand Teton great fun to ski on, and not just in powder snow. The unique and revolutionary bamboo-beech core technology helps it to achieve a sensationally low weight with unbelievable harmony in each curve, perfect for the descent-oriented ski mountaineer. The carbon casing optimises elastic recovery. In steep icy terrain this provides the necessary 'safety margin'.

Specifications open

Length: 164 173 182 191
Weight (g): 1410 1540 1670g 1780
Sidecut: 128-104-118 129-105-119 130-106-120 134-108-122
Radius: 31,2/16,8 34,5/20,1 37,6/23,2 40.0/24.9
Colours: wood/ white
Field of use: Free Touring , Freeride Touring

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