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Vulcan TF

The new generation of Freeriding!

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Vulcan TF

Description open

The Vulcan offers unrivalled skiing performance – the ability to drive modern freeride skis at any speed, the possibility to customize forward stiffness thanks to a removable DOWNHILL BOOSTER TONGUE and opti- mal heel retention while skiing and landing big drops thanks to central buckle system (45°). The Vulcan combines skiing performance, walk-ability and lightness with the patented technologies that made the TLT5 so popular among the best skiers in the world. All the best materials - carbon fiber and pebax in the cuff, grilamid in the shell and magnesium buckles - are used, resulting in outstanding performance and lightness. The series liner, compared to the ONE category, includes a special foam with high memory ability and down hill performer. The sole It’s compatible with all touring bindings on the market and the sole features 3 different rubber compounds.


  • Standart Touring
  • Liner One-Vulcan-Mercury TF Universal
  • Dynafit Quick-Step-in

Product Videos (3) open

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A Dynafit Boot Story

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Dynafit Radical Bindings

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An Endless Spring Day

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Specifications open

Length: 22,5, 23, 23,5, 24, 24,5, 25, 25,5, 26, 26,5, 27, 27,5, 28, 28,5, 29, 29,5, 30, 30,5, 31, 31,5
Weight (g): 1590 (27,5)
Colours: Green/Carbon
Shell: Grilamid
Cuff: Carbon Fiber, Grilamid
Buckle: Ultra-Lock System2.0
Forward lean: 15∞ - 18∞ & Walkmode
Cuff rotation: 60∞
Sole: Dynafit Pro Freeride
Field of use: Freeride Touring
Conversion Chart Boots: Conversion Chart Boots.pdf

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