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Low Tech Race  (Auto Lock)

Description open

An innovative mix of materials plus astonishing patents make this binding one of the lightest in the world at just 115 grams! Innovative materials, techno- logies, and processes have allowed us to achieve the impossible once again. The smaller jig/template has 14 screws instead of 18 (4 for the toe and 3 for the heel). The patented running surface adjustment screw system allows for better adherence to the binding, even for very thin, non-regulation hand- altered surfaces. To guarantee top ski-to-binding hold, the binding comes with steel Torx screws. The patented anti-snow grooves on the toe pivot of the binding, which reach up to the slots the boot slides into, help guarantee rapid entry on all types of snow. Once on, the binding locks automatically for immediate use on the harshest of terrain.

Product Videos (3) open

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Features and operation of Dynafit bindings

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Binding Low Tech Race

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DYNAFIT Bindings - Accessoiries

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Specifications open

Weight (g): 115
Colours: red
DIN Range: -
Field of use: SkiRunning
Materials: Titanium, 7075 forged aluminum, high-strength plastic
User Instruction: User Instruction Binding.pdf

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