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The Crononiu, the first race of the season for the Catalan skier, has taken place in La Molina resort, with a 650 metre drop.

“It was the first race to catch up after 5 months. The truth is that Laura and Sophie have set a great pace during the race”.

“From now on we have every weekend until mid-April. The season is long” says Mireia.


Puigcerdà 29/12/12


Mireia Miró started the ski mountaineering season with the Crononiu, the Vertical Race Spanish Championship, celebrated in La Molina ski resort.

The race had a positive drop of 650 metres and with the starting line at the foot of the Alp 2500 cable-car, it reached its summit at 2500 metres high.

Mireia crossed the finishing line in third position at 40:05 minutes, behind Laura Orgué and Sophie Dussatoir.

When she finished the race, Mireia commented that “This was the first race after 5 months. The goal was to find the sensations again, to push again. Laura and Sophie set off very strong from the beginning and we stayed together for most of the race until nearly the top. When they started pushing for the final sprint, I didn’t have the spark to follow them. I can only congratulate them for the great physical condition in which they are”.

Evaluating the race, Mireia expressed that “I’m happy, the season just started for me. Now we have every weekend until the end of April”.

Mireia will set off to the Italian Alps tomorrow to keep up with her training sessions and preparing her next goal, the prestigious Mountain Attack, which will take place on January 11th in Austria.

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