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”To run is a trip, not just physical but also inside in your mind. It´s a trip that I think will make it easier for me to take decisions that are sustainable, not just for myself but also for the people and the nature around me.”

Markus Torgeby



Markus Torgeby will run the “Swedish Mountains” this summer, 2012. It´s a long run, 1,300 km and he will do it in 30 days. (It will be like running a Marathon every day, in 30 days) 

‘Running the Swedish Mountains’, 1,300 km in 30 days has never been done before. The expedition will start at Treriksröset – the point where the borders of Sweden, Norway and Finland meet – at the 23th of July 2012. He will get to the finish stage at Grövelsjön Mountain lodge, 30 days later. Markus is a team member for Dynafit in Sweden and his expedition will be published and followed by the national media in Sweden during his running project. This week he will be interviewed by the local radio in Östersund, Jämtland and also by a sport journalist who works for a famous sports magazine, Runner´s World in Sweden.

For two weeks ago Markus arranged a “Running Camp” in Jämtland together with one of his sponsors for the running project, Gore-Tex. It was a camp from Thursday to Sunday; everything was included for the participants, accommodation, food and training. Visit: http://newsroom.gore-tex.eu/en/en_experiencetour/running-camp-markus-torgeby/ for more information. (It´s in English) It was a successfully “Running Camp” and all the participants was satisfied and received a lots of tips and advice from Markus about their running technique. 


Markus Torgeby began running as a 10-year-old and his passion has never wavered. He walked the “Swedish Mountains” on ski 2003, and during that ski trip the idea about running the “Swedish Mountains” on 30 days began. Markus has always been fascinated to transport himself from A to B with his own legs and body, like running or skiing between different destinations.  He is a true connoisseur of the art of living, and has long devoted himself to a very simple way of life. The Swedish film entitled Löparen (The Runner) depicts a period in Markus Torgebys life when he lived in a Lapp tent known as a ‘cot’ for several years. He regularly lectures, organizes training camps, is an ambassador for the AXA Fjällmaraton trail running competition, and also races. Markus also writes a blog for the magazine Runner’s World.

Out in the Swedish mountains, Markus is force to live in the present, to take important decisions and make the right choices. This fits Markus perfectly well and inspires him to continue to challenge himself. ”- To run the “Swedish Mountains” will become a way of life for me during these 30 days and also a way to experience all the things that exist around me in a very clear way”, says Markus.