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Maximum freeride performance on any terrain at only 1,590 gm
Vulcan TF
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Alpine Running
Light-footed yet still as powerful as a snow leopard, these mountain runners are on the go in diverse terrain. Constantly changing conditions, challenging trails, and snow- and scree fields all put special demands on a specific off-trail gear. And we search for extraordinary solutions: intelligently lightweight, athletic fit, lasting durability, and protection of the athlete.
Free Touring
Free Touring can be compared to surfing; a game of weightlessness and centrifugal forces only it is played out in a mountain environment. Free Touring equipment sees the fusion of weight optimisation, which conserves energy on the ascent, and unique performance capability on the descent. Genuine free tourers are descent-oriented ski mountaineers who earn the reward of surfing across untouched powder snow by the exertions of their own muscles. ‘Earn your turn‘ as the phrase goes.
Ski Touring
The connoisseurs among ski tourers, who enjoy a pleasant ascent followed by a varied and elegant descent. They have the benefit of knowledge gained from formula 1 and the speed touring segment. The Ski Touring set-up offers innovative and top-quality products for a broad range of uses. Everyone from beginners to professionals can get back to the core activity of skiing in energy-conserving ascents and enjoyable descents.
Speed Touring
This discipline is about speed and meeting the challenges of the high mountains. To a certain extent, it is like transferring competitive racing to a high-altitude mountain environment. Speed combined with a high-mountain landscape. The crowning discipline in the sport of ski mountaineering are expeditions to the 8,000-metre plus summits of the Himalayas and Karakorum. It's precisely in this type of surroundings where it is vital to spend as little time as possible in the danger zone and to minimise risks. Speed is synonymous with safety up here. You need to be able to rely 100% on your equipment even if the weight has been reduced to the minimum. It must be able to withstand the various types of terrain, steepness, and different snow conditions the alpine environment throws at it.
Ski Running
From running to ski running. Ski runners ascend summits at breath-taking speeds, take a few bare seconds to change the skins on their skis and make a high-altitude descent at top speed in a race against the clock. It's not unusual to see times of less than 40 minutes recorded for ascents to 1,000-metre summits. Just as in formula 1 racing, the weight/performance ratio plays a crucial role. That's why this is a central focus of the DYNAFIT Ski Running collection, which combines low weight with high-performance features.
Ultra running

Ultra running

Vertical Running

Vertical Running





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Boot Shell



Grilamid®, Carbon fiber


Ultra Lock System 2.0
The new articulated cuff buckle ULTRALOCK SYSTEM 2.0, which, when compared to the previous version, reduceslateral snag, unhampering the transition from SKI to WALK mode andreverse.
Forward Lean

Boot sole

Cuff rotation





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Green/Carbon, Matt Green/Carbon


The new generation of Freeriding! The Vulcan offers unrivaled performance on the descent and the capability to control modern freeride skis at any speed. You can also vary stiffness of the flex. The Vulcan guarantees optimal heel hold on the descent and on landing jumps. You get all of this combined with comfort, lightness and the patented technology that makes our TLT5 so popular among the world’s best skiers. Only the best materials, such as carbon fiber, Grilamid and magnesium, were used in this model to attain its performance and lightness. The Vulcan is of course a premium boot. The liner, standard equipment in the series, has extra dense foam for improved downhill performance, in contrast to the ONE category. This boot is compatible with every brand of touring bindings on the market.


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