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Whether you are preparing for your next endurance workout on the mountain, an upcoming speed tour, or even a high-alpine tour, the base of any gear setup is your pack. Still, it is not always easy to find the perfect companion of a pack for what you have planned. 

Let us help you find the appropriate pack. In our Alpine Running Pack Comparison, we will show you what you need - where, when, and which is the right one for you:

Alpine Running

For your runs on alpine terrain, do you seek out diversity? You like to run uphill as well as down? On trails or in the backcountry? Hard or soft surfaces?

Your main requirement is to get out into the mountains for runs of perhaps 5-40 kilometers. For these runs you don’t need a lot -sport gels, something to drink, a smartphone, that´s enough. You should be free to move quickly and flexibly, and you do not want a heavy pack to limit your movement. Our React600 offers precisely what you need.


Volume: 600ml
Weight: 101g
Features: Bottle holder; zip pocket for essential items such as smartphone, key, gels; 
magnetic closure for easy and quick handling, anatomical design.

Back Magnet Buckle


Vertical Running

The steeper, the better? You feel at home running uphill? You try to avoid downhill runs? For you, it is all about fast, steep vertical ascents of 5 kilometers or less? Even your gear is minimalistic - whether for competition or daily training, your focus is on the performance-to-weight ratio. If you answer “yes” to these questions, you are a Vertical 4 Backpack type.

Volume: 4l
Weight: 204g

Features: The Vertical 4 Backpack wears like a second skin -- lightweight, athletic in fit, and very breathable thanks to its mesh fabric. If offers space for a wind or rain jacket, which of course you should never be without in alpine environments, and you can also carry a hydration reservoir well. An easy pole attachment, mesh pockets for gels and bars, as well as a simple, adjustable sternum strap system rounds out the package.
Features: Smartphone pocket, stretch panels, internal mesh pockets, gel/flask pocket, pole attachments, hydration reservoir compatible, waterproof pocket, whistle.




Ultra Running

Alpine runs longer than 40 kilometers are not a rarity for you? You happily run on packed, hard surfaces and stick to trails rather than heading off-trail? You would prefer to spend all day in your running shoes, crossing valleys and traversing summits? Endurance is No. 1 for you?

Then you are most definitely an ultrarunner; you want a pack that rides perfectly and fits snugly, but still has enough room for fluids, a jacket, poles, gels, etc. In this case, we recommend our Enduro 12 Backpack:


Volume: 12l
Weight: 289g
Features: Pole attachments; waterproof pocket; hydration reservoir compatible; pockets for gels, smartphone and bottles.


Gel/Flask Pocket  
Dynafit Ultra Running Backpack Enduro12  




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