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Our Corporate Social Commitment

Our mission is to equip dedicated mountaineers with innovative, high-quality products for unforgettable experiences outdoors. We are also aware however that we have a huge responsibility not only in terms of our product, but also with respect to nature and the sustainable development of mountain sports and, in the end, also with respect to humankind. As an owner-operated family business, the social components are of paramount importance to us as are people. On the one hand, our attention is focused on the people who manufacture our products. Various measures have been implemented in recent years to protect these people and to improve their working conditions and standards. On the other hand, we feel beholden to our customers to offer high-quality as well as environmentally friendly products and materials. Along the way, cooperation with experienced partners such as bluesign® technologies or the Fair Wear Foundation are vital. We are always conscious of the fact we are only at the start of a long journey, and countless steps are still necessary to completely fulfill our obligation to humankind and nature.

Supply Chain

As you can see by the map , DYNAFIT makes an effort to manufacture a large percentage of its products in Europe.

 Production Centers Dynafit

Particularly in the category of bindings and ski boots, we have set up 100% of our production in Europe. Textiles are still in large part imported from Asia.

Production Centers Categories

However, we pay special attention here to compliance with international work standards. This occurs in cooperation with the Fair Wear Foundation, which as an independent entity monitors us while it is also available to assist in the improvement of processes. 

 Fairwear Foundation Logo

Fair Wear Foundation
The Fair Wear Foundation is an independent non-profit organization with the mission to improve working conditions globally in the textile and apparel industries. Millions of workers in the apparel manufacturing industry suffer from poverty and human rights violations. FWF and its members made up of manufacturing brands work together for these people. Already, more than 80 European companies are part of the initiative and pledge to implement the strict “Code of Labour Practices.” The FWF’s primary focus is on production facilities. Regular audits monitor payment of living wages, no child or forced labor, and no excessively long workdays, among other things. The results and progress of those companies audited are then made public online.

DYNAFIT attains Leader status for fair working conditions in the textile industry

DYNAFIT constantly works on improvements in its supply chain. As a logical outcome, DYNAFIT has continuously grown its status with the FWF since its first involvement. In the most recent “Brand Performance Check 2016,” DYNAFIT achieved an outstanding result of 80 points and was thus awarded Leader status. To attain “Leader” status, a  minimum of 90 percent of production volume must be subject to FWF monitoring. The brand was able to fulfill these criteria for the first time ever in 2016. In the meantime, 93 percent of textile production originates in facilities audited according to the prerequisites set by FWF. With this, DYNAFIT counts among the top 30 percent highly engaged members of FWF. These members work strongly in support of fair working conditions in textile and apparel production.

Find out more the about Fair Wear Foundation here


We always attempt to offer our customers innovative products that meet the highest quality standards. It is of course a matter of our concern to use environmentally friendly materials free of harmful chemicals. The following partnerships and measures have already been undertaken:

Bluesign Logo

bluesign system partner
DYNAFIT as well as Salewa have both been bluesign® system partners since summer 2011. The bluesign® system offers a sustainable solution for textile production. bluesign® eliminates harmful chemicals at the beginning of the manufacturing process and supervises compliance with principles regarding safe, environmental production. As a part of that, the organization relies not only on international environmental standards. Rather, it also conducts its own comprehensive risk analyses. bluesign® primarily follows five principles along the entire textile supply chain – resource productivity, air emission, occupational health and safety, water emission and consumer safety. Thus, bluesign® is a seal of approval for the protection of people and the environment. In 2014, 50% of our textile products use bluesign®-certified materials – in summer 2014, 35 of 64 styles, and in winter, 38 of 82 styles.

The most important function of this so-called perfluorocarbon is the addition of water-resistant characteristics to materials. Due to their hydrophobic characteristics, these compounds are often used in the impregnation of textile products. For our purposes, there are two relevant PFC compounds – a C8 and a C6 finish. Unfortunately, these compounds are environmentally harmful because they cannot break down in the environment. The shorter-chained C6 is less harmful compared to the long-chained C8. Due to this, DYNAFIT is only using the C6 finish for all waterproof products as of the 2014-15 winter collection. But this is still by far not a perfect solution; however, there is at this time no PFC-free finish that still performs just as well. We are continuing to work intensively to find alternative solutions to be able to offer PFC-free products in the future.

Restricted Substances List
Alongside well-known certifications such as the Oeko-Tex  or GOTS , already 50% of our textile products contain bluesign® materials, and we are continuously seeking to increase this percentage. In order to be sure fabrics used that are not certified comply with our high standards regarding chemicals, we have created a “restricted substances list” in partnership with the University of Innsbruck in Austria and other international laboratories. This list goes a step beyond legal requirements and takes its lead from the bluesign® System Substances List that counts among the strictest standards in the industry. The first tests to be performed based on this list on selected textiles will begin this year and will offer customers a high degree of safety as of the 2015 summer collection.

Cooperation Environment 


Snow Leopard Trust
The snow leopard is not only a trademark to DYNAFIT, but is also a role model and symbol of all of the characteristics and abilities that ensure life and survival on the mountain. Unfortunately, the snow leopard is in danger of extinction. We at DYNAFIT want to help fight this with countermeasures. We have set a goal to protect the snow leopard and its natural habitat. 

So that this occurs professionally and sustainability, we offer aid to the non-profit organization, Snow Leopard Trust, founded in 1981 with headquarters in Seattle, Wash., USA, in the form of donations, gifts and international media and communications support.

Our most successful project in this regard is without a doubt the Snow Leopard Day, that has taken place since 2010. Ski mountaineering events are held around the world where participants can collect vertical meters to benefit the snow leopard. Every vertical meter achieved earns a donation from DYNAFIT of one cent. Specifically, since 2007, the Snow Leopard Trust has received the following:

• 2007: Gear donation – jackets for gamekeepers
• 2008: Purchase of hand-made stuffed animals valued at USD $1,300
• 2009: Sale at auction of the Erlös prototype ski for € 1,100 with proceeds going to the Snow Leopard Trust
• 2010: First Snow Leopard Day in Austria -- 184,500 vertical meters achieved resulting in a donation of € 1,845.
• 2011: Snow Leopard Day International – € 3,000 achieved and donated
• 2012: Snow Leopard Day International – € 4,000 achieved and donated
• 2013: Snow Leopard Day International – € 7,000 achieved and donated
• 2014: Snow Leopard Day International – € 9,000 achieved and donated
• 2015: Snow Leopard Day International – € 9,000 achieved and donated

We want to continue to support the Snow Leopard Trust in the future with various projects and donations in order to prevent the extinction of this extraordinary cat.

European Outdoor Conservation Association
DYNAFIT has been a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) since the start of 2013. EOCA is an association made up of 109 companies from the outdoor industry. The vision of this cooperative effort is to support select conservation projects by focusing the industry’s financial resources. In the last seven years, EOCA has funded 54 projects to the tune of € 1.2 million.

Through our partnership with EOCA, we would like to advance our own favorite project – the protection of the snow leopard. Already in the first year, in cooperation with the Snow Leopard Trust, we submitted and won approval for the project “High Altitude Habitats for Snow Leopards.” The project targets the preservation of the natural habitat of leopards and the education as well as financial support of inhabitants of those areas. Only by educating and increasing the sensibility of the local people can man and beast live side-by-side. A successful member vote by the EOCA enabled a donation of USD $15,000 for support of this project.


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