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In 1950, Humanic starts manufacturing ski boots. Fifteen years later, the first ski boots with buckles are launched. In 1973, Franz Klammer wins the downhill race at Planai/Schladming, Austria, in DYNAFIT boots and, three years later, he wins the Olympic men’s downhill in Innsbruck. DYNAFIT experiences unprecedented success in the downhill World Cup when its skiers winning the even eight times in succession: 1974-75 to 1982-83.

In 1980, Leonhard Stock wins an Olympic gold medal. DYNAFIT is granted permission to use the Austrian coat of arms and, one year later, the successful DYNAFIT World Cup Competition model is the first ski boot in the world to be awarded the IAS’s Golden Seal of Approval.



In 1983, DYNAFIT presents the Tourlite, a completely new design and the then lightest ski/climbing boot in the world. Only two years later, DYNAFIT introduces the CDE collection (rear entry), which is the first and only Alpine ski boot at the time with GORE-TEX® Thermo Dry.

In the years that follow, DYNAFIT introduces several products that are milestones in ski mountaineering history. At the start of the ‘90s, DYNAFIT launches the Tourlite Tech boot/binding combination. Considered a sensation, it is the lightest safety binding in the world for ski touring -- lighter than any other comparable binding on the market. In 2006, DYNAFIT introduces the TLT Vertical binding, followed by the “Beast” Freeride binding in 2013 and the Cho Oyu Ski - the perfect ski for all conditions in the Alps or the Himalayas.


Oberalp Headquarter Bolzano Italy


In 1991, DYNAFIT is acquired by Raichle Sport Holding AG, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Five years later, DYNAFIT returns to Austria: On Jan. 1, 1996 DYNAFIT GmbH is established with headquarters at Molln, Austria. In 1998, the production of ski boots is discontinued and, three years later, DYNAFIT becomes part of Salzer Holding GmbH, the parent company of the Salzer-Ueberreuter-Economos Group. It is a family business that originally focused on printing, publishing and paper, but since the ‘70s is also engaged in plastics processing.

In 2002, DYNAFIT Skischuh GmbH changes its name to DYNAFIT Sports GmbH. With that change, DYNAFIT now breaks new ground and starts selling ABS avalanche airbag packs worldwide. In February 2003, the Salewa Group, which has belonged to the Oberalp Group since 1990, buys DYNAFIT. Thus, it becomes part of that family-owned business in Bolzano, Italy. However, its headquarters remains in Munich, Germany.


Speed record on Mustagh Ata, 7545m in 10:41h, August 2005


Ski mountaineering athletes are the ones determining the structure of the DYNAFIT brand and its product development. In 2004, the new (specialty) skis D612 and D914 as well as the new "Speedskin Fix" skin-stretching system represent the result of this close market collaboration.

In August 2005, DYNAFIT Team members Beni Böhm and Basti Haag succeed in their speed record on Mustagh Ata (7,545 meters) -- 10 hours, 41 minutes, ascent and ski descent. One year later, the DYNAFIT Team succeeds in a speed ascent with ski descent on Gasherbrum II (8,035 meters). Two years later (2007), the DYNAFIT Team attempts Manaslu (8,163 meters), but is forced to turn back just below the summit due to bad weather conditions.

In 2008, the DYNAFIT Women’s Team successfully completes its goal: Chamonix-Zermatt-Alagna (140 km/87 miles,  10,000 vertical meters) in just 3 days on the Haute Route Plus.

Four years later, the DYNAFIT athletes set another speed record when they return to Manaslu. Their speed ascent and ski descent of Manaslu takes less than 24 hours. After 15 hours and 3,300 meters of climbing without supplemental oxygen, Benedikt  Böhm stands on top of the eighth-highest mountain in the world. His partners, Basti Haag and Constantin Pade, are forced to turn back just short of the summit. In total, including speed ascent and ski descent, the endeavor takes 23½  hours.


Logo Development Dynafit


The snow leopard is introduced as the new logo in 2005. This animal perfectly symbolizes the values and characteristics that DYNAFIT represents: Speed, Lightness, Performance and Technology. The snow leopard moves with speed and elegance among the world’s highest peaks, making it an ideal example for athletes to emulate. The brand image is minimalistic and clean, just like the design of the logo. Communications are focused on young, highly trained athletes, allowing DYNAFIT to rejuvenate not only its own brand, but also the entire sport of ski touring.

Two years later, DYNAFIT begins a partnership with the Snow Leopard Trust because of its commitment to protecting Snow Leopards. The Snow Leopard Trust builds community partnerships by using proven science to determine priorities for protecting the endangered snow leopard. In addition, DYNAFIT launches a ski mountaineering event called “Snow Leopard Day,” where participants ascend as many vertical meters as possible. DYNAFIT then converts total vertical meters into a cash donation to the Snow Leopard Trust.

 IVBV Cooperation, February 2014


In April 2007, the North American Office opens in Boulder, Colo., USA, and the new ZZero boot line successfully launches. Despite a worldwide economic crisis, DYNAFIT achieves a 75% increase in sales the following year and opens a new subsidiary in Poland.

DYNAFIT is pleased to announce an exclusive, longterm partnership with the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA) in February 2014. The world’s best mountain guides put their trust in DYNAFIT products, demonstrating their confidence in the brand. Their added expertise also plays an important role in DYNAFIT’s product development. The first project resulting from the cooperation is the Denali Ski launched at the 2014 ISPO trade show.

2014 is a year to celebrate: The Low Tech frameless binding system developed by Austrian inventor Fritz Barthel turns 30. There is no better gift than a steady demand for the product for 30 years, proving DYNAFIT ‘s remarkable competence in the binding segment.


 Radical 2



DYNAFIT sets the standard in competitive ski mountaineering with the new D.y.N.A. racing boot in 2009, winning an ISPO award. In the same year, the DYNAFIT Team is forced to turn back just 20 meters from the summit of the 8,047-meter Broad Peak. Our dear friend, Christina Castagna, of the Italian SALEWA Team loses her life after a fall.

The new decade begins, and DYNAFIT extends its product range with two outstanding pieces: In 2010, the TLT 5 ski boot range sets a new benchmark in ski mountaineering, while the new Low Tech Race binding is the lightest on the market, weighing just 111 gm (3.9 ounces).

In 2014, DYNAFIT raises the bar once more with its partnership with sports product developer Pierre Gignoux. Their joint project consists of two masterpieces that once again are the lightest in the world: The RC 1 binding (75 gm) and the RC 1 ski running boot (500 gm), both of which break all barriers in performance on the ascent.

 x7 bike action


The DYNAFIT team crosses the Alps running, cycling and skiing in 2010. Team members take four days to cross four countries and, in doing so, climb four iconic peaks: Zugspitze (Germany), Similaun (Austria), Ortler (Italy) and Piz Palu (Switzerland). They call the event “X4,” which also stands for a new milestone in DYNAFIT’s history – the start of product development for the very first Dynafit summer collection. This is an important step in becoming an four-season supplier.

With its new summer segments -- Vertical Running, Alpine Running and Ultra Running – DYNAFIT covers some of the most original, yet demanding forms of running. The next year DYNAFIT invites 600 dealers and other partners from around the world to the ultimate summer kick-off event at the Olympic Stadium in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, at the foot of the Zugspitze – the place where the X4 athletes started their Alpine crossing. Under perfect conditions, the global DYNAFIT family tests the DYNAFIT Summer collection and celebrates the launch during an exceptional two-day event.

Two years later, DYNAFIT takes the challenge to another level. It comes up with an extended version of the X4 event they call X7. The name stands for seven days of speed – climbing the seven summits of the Alps in one week. One never knows what interesting challenges the future will bring.

 Dynafit Olympos Dealer Camp


Starting in 2012, the DYNAFIT “Speed Mountaineering” summer program with the Alpine Running and Alpine Biking collections is available at dealers worldwide and demonstrates great success with the target audience. The DYNAFIT team sets a record in running and skiing on the Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa. Just one month later, Bene  Böhm sets a record on skis on Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan.

DYNAFIT becomes main sponsor of the largest ski touring event in the world – the Patrouille des Glaciers, a traditional race in Switzerland from Zermatt to Verbier that attracts up to 4,000 ski tourers. What will the future hold? DYNAFIT will continue to live its passion and produce the lightest, best-performing, yet most reliable equipment for mountain sports enthusiasts. Follow along on our exciting journey – Stay tuned!