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Dynafit Athleten

Javier Martin de Villa - Race Team International - international

To be fast on the mountain, to go further and  to share it with cool people like my team mates!!!
Javier’s ...
...... first experiences in the sport?

I´ve been mountaineering since I was a child but mostly far away from racing but it was in 1997 just after the death of my father when I took his skimountaineering gear and get deep into the sport. First throught a junior team in Madrid and afterwards by my self until today, 15 years racing on the international circuit...

...... favorite DYNAFIT gear?

If I had to choose my favorite gear in use I would go for my Race Performance ski the breath jacket which fits perfectly with the conditions in Sierra Nevada... but what about the 2011 collection, it´s even better, I love the new DyNA evo boot!!!

...... Personal Data

My name is Javier Martín and I come from Spain, I was borned in Madrid on 1981 but since 2003 I live most of the year in Granada, just few kilometers north from Afrika. I´ve studied sport sciences in Madrid, Granada and Innsbruck and since 5 years ago I use a lot of my time planifying the trainings for some ski-tourers like Mireia Miró or Marc Pinsach, I´ve been also the coach of the Spanish Junior National team from 2007 to 2010 and finally since one year ago I´m deeply involved in Dynafit as manager of the racing team.

...... biggest dream in life?

Best dream of my life? Living in Granada it´s sometimes like a deam com true... but I would add to it some more powder snow and a bit of travelling and we got it!

...... sportive successes he’s proud of?

I feel really proud of evey single race I´ve done, even when I had a terrible race, but all together adds to a great experience.... if I had to choose one I could imagine that my second place espoir on the 2004 world championships that took place in Spain could be the one. I remember that the coach of the Spanish team asked me what my goal was for the worl champs, "I answered that I wanted to be on the podium" and he told me that I should think on a more reallistic way and that I couldn´t do it... I did it!!!

...... fascination in sport?

My fascination on ski mountaineering come mostly fro the feeling of freedom and independence that you get in the mountains. YOU CHOOSE, this I love, nowadays our society tells us what to do and what not but while ski-touring it´s me who decides.

...... key training tips?

As a trainer I would recomend everybody to think very well on what they want from the workouts and to work a lot with very good quality training, not in the meaning of intensive training but more in the way of effective training, for example resting is the key for training... as Javi Martín I would recommend to enjoy every single day ski-touing, enjoy all the process!!!

...... vision for the future?

My vision for the futue? I don´t know what will come but I would love sharing this sport with as meny people as possible... and I dream of being on my 80's skitouring still...

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