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Dynafit Athleten

Martin Letzer - National Athlete Team - Sweden

Martin’s ...
...... first experiences in the sport?

Learning to ski with my father at a small ski hill not far from Stockholm at age three.

...... favorite DYNAFIT gear?

I would have to say my pro model Dynafit Se7en Summits ski, wouldn't !? :-)

...... Personal Data

17 March 1981, Stockholm Sweden, work as a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group in Stockholm, reside in Stockholm with my girlfriend Maria.

...... biggest dream in life?

I'm living it

...... sportive successes he’s proud of?

Climbing and skiing the Seven Summits with my good friend and climbing partner Olof Sundström, on a record low budget, equipped only with our common sense and some of the finest and lightest equipment in the world.

...... fascination in sport?

I enjoy everything from athletics where I had a brief career as a sprinter to playing rugby, MTB and multisport, and lately surf ski paddling. As soon as the snow begins to fall however, skiing of course becomes the main priority.

...... key training tips?

Any and all training helps, so stick to the sports that make you happy, whether it is long distance running or short and intense cross fit sessions. I am convinced you can climb high mountains on both regimes. It's more about what's in your head than what's in your training diary.

...As a child he wanted to become a?

A pilot.

...... vision for the future?

Work less and play more