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Dynafit Athleten

Jamie Laidlaw - National Athlete Team - USA

Ski mountaineering has taught me more about myself, the natural world, and foreign cultures than anything else.  Every time I venture into the mountains it's a learning experience.
Jamie’s ...
...... first experiences in the sport?

I first started skiing at the age of 2 and it wasn’t long after that I fell in love with racing. I alpine ski raced for 16 years but always found myself in the Idaho backcountry with my parents and friends when I had free time away from the gates.

...... favorite DYNAFIT gear?

TLT5- I call them the game changers. Once you’ve used them things are never the same. 191 cm Stoke and the Titan Ultralight- The ultimate set-up for backcountry skiing around my home: light, powerful, playful. In short, they tear soft snow conditions up.

...... biggest dream in life?

I’m sad to say but I’m not really a huge dreamer. I just want to still be enjoying the outdoors and mountains up until the very end and to share that love and enjoyment with my kids. The second half of that adventure is still several years out, though.

...... sportive successes he’s proud of?

I’m proud of all of my accomplishments, whether successful or not. Every time I go into the mountains I give it my all, and can’t ask for much more than that. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a number of first descents all over the globe, but often find my most memorable trips are the ones where I come just shy of the summit.

...... fascination in sport?

The mountains have always been a very special place to me and my connection and interaction with them is greatest when I am on my skis.

...... key training tips?

If you don’t enjoy it you won’t do it. Find forms of exercise that you enjoy and mix it up (intensity, duration, and sport). Don’t get stuck in the rut of doing the same activity or routine all of the time or you will plateau. Most importantly, listen to your body and know when to rest.

...As a child he wanted to become a?

Heavy equipment operator (my first word was backhoe)-Accomplished, Heli ski guide- Accomplished, Athlete- Accomplished, Astronaut- Not looking good in this lifetime

...... vision for the future?

I don’t have a clear vision of where the sport is going other than it is evolving at a rapid pace and it is very exciting to watch and be a part of. As long as I’m in the mountains and pushing myself I’m happy and just along for the ride.