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Dynafit Athleten

Andreas Hofer - National Athlete Team

Andreas’s ...
...... first experiences in the sport?

When i was seven i started with nordic combination. I had my first experience in ski mountaineering when i was sixteen.

...... favorite DYNAFIT gear?

In summer: Transalper Conver, in winter: the new DY.N.A ski

...... Personal Data

Andreas Hofer, 1st of march 1984 in Schwarzach, Austria, teacher, Werfen, Salzburg, in a relationship

...... sportive successes he’s proud of?

The last season!

...... fascination in sport?

Sich am Berg frei bewegen zu können, dabei an seine Grenzen zu stoßen und diese zu überwinden.

...... key training tips?

Just do what you enjoy!

...As a child he wanted to become a?

- ski jumper

...... vision for the future?

to spend a lot of time in the mountains with friends, to join more classic races (sellaronda slimarathon, pdg, adamello ski raid, pierra menta, tour rutor), maybe ski mountaineering in new zeeland, chile, norway and kaukasus