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Dynafit Athleten

Dynafit is committed to serving the interests of ambitious sportsmen and women whose one goal is to get to the top of the mountains and back down again as quickly as possible.
The success of the young Dynafit brand is due to our staff, designers, dealers and athletes! We are cooperating with the best athletes, alpinisits and skiers in our development processes in order to obtain the best out of the best.

The specialist ski touring supplier DYNAFIT has added new faces to its international team of athletes for the coming winter season. 22-year-old Spaniard Marc Pinsach will line up alongside Mireia Miró in 2012, making it another top athlete for the ski touring specialist.
Pinsach is a top competition favourite on the men's international ski touring circuit, while Spanish female ski tour racer Mireia Miró  is currently grabbing all the headlines as the world’s fastest female ski and alpine runner. In landing both athletes, DYNAFIT has acquired two star runners who also happen to be popular personalities as well as incredibly motivated performers.

Welcome and good luck to the whole DYNAFIT Team for this season!
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