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Gasherbrum II


Speed ascent and successful ski descent on Gasherbrum II

The goal they had set themselves was to master the 8,035-metre Gasherbrum II in Karakorum, north-east Pakistan, with the maximum speed. What exactly does this entail? Not a second for a single break in the speed ascent from camp 1 at 5,400 metres to the summit, climbed "by fair means", and then back down again. Starter's orders came in the night of August 3, 2006. The two German Dynafit sportsmen Benedikt Böhm and Sebastian Haag, together with guide Luis Stitzinger, started their speed ascent from base camp, aiming towards one of the highest summits on earth. After six hours, the ski mountaineers passed through camp 4 at an altitude of 7,500 metres. After a further six and a half hours, they were standing on the summit, and after a four hour daredevil descent, the trio were overjoyed to reach camp 1. Thus the team needed just 17 hours for the whole tour. A normal expedition might expect to spend 4 to 7 days on the ascent of Gasherbrum II. It's all thanks to exceptional physical fitness and the developers of the innovative products this season: without this perfect harmony between physical fitness and high-tech products, such a record would not have been possible.
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