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DYNAFIT Dealer Camp - Mount Olymp

From Poseidon to Zeus

Greece's highest mountain range


DYNAFIT poseidon speed ascent trailer

Join us at the DYNAFIT Dealer Camp Mount Olympos 2014!

Dynafit and their partners at the Hindelanger Mountain Guide Office and Hydroalpin are offering you a unique chance!


Mount Olympus, according to ancient Greek mythology the home of the Olympian gods and still today a massif steeped in legend. A superb ski touring trip following the trail from Poseidon to Zeus.

The destination is Mount Olympus (Όλυμπος), the peak-packed massif near the sea. The destination for our ski tour is Touba (2,800 m), neighbour to the highest peak in the Olympus range, Mytikas (2,918 m).

Waiting for us is a national park boasting outstanding geological formations and serving up a unique treasure of flora and fauna, which is included in UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves, along with a real journey taking in the extremes – swimming in the sea and ski touring up in the peaks.

Download-Link: Programm Details & Equipment List

You have the option of extending your trip by one day.

The programme for the extra day is as follows:


Meteora Extra Day

The programme can be extended by one day and includes a visit to the famous Meteora Monastery and cliffs.

The programme will take place if there is a group of at least 8 people.

For price per person for the extra day please contact info@bergschulen.de

Price covers:


One extra night’s accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner

The tour will take place without a tour guide but with a local taxi driver

You will explore Meteora independently



1. Mon 03.03. – Thurs 06.03.2014

2. Thurs 06.03. – Sun 09.03.2014

3. Sun 09.03. – Wed 12.03.2014

4. Wed 12.03. – Sat 15.03.2014

5. Sat 15.03. – Tue 18.03.2014

6. Tue 18.03. – Fri 21.03.2014

7. Fri 21.03. – Mon 24.03.2014


The trip costs € 479,- in this one-off offer (flight not included). This offer also includes your own Dynafit personal equipment, the Trail Jacket and the Pantera GTX boot!

Click here to register for the DYNAFIT Dealer Camp 2014 – Mount Olympus